Cafe Cre Asion & Bourke St Bakery, Surry Hills

Welcome Spring! And what better way to spend it than to have the company of ridiculously sweet macarons and savoury goodness from Bourke Street bakery...along with fabulous company of course. 

Cafe Cre Asion is a relatively new addition to the short listed supplier of macarons. At only ten weeks shy of first opening, it has gathered the attention of many, despite its petite and closeted location. Finding the store was fraught with difficulties due to the many small streets and turns the city has to offer, so if you’re driving, look out for a tiny alley way called Alberta street and there you’ll find yourself in macaron heaven.

 The owner diligently working for our order~

 Hi macarons....welcome to my stomach.........

The prices of the macarons are dearer than what you'd normally expect, at $2.70 per piece, or if you feel like bulk buying - 8 for $21 or 14 for $40. We bought a total of $101 worth of macarons! Which equaled to 41 pieces in total~ 3x per flavour! Mmm...sharing is caring :D The macaron filling were very soft and gooey as opposed to its Zumbo, and Baroque counterparts, but I'm not complaining!!

In our bags: coffee, Dear Chris, wasabi, rum raisin, caramel, pistachio, cassis, earl grey caramel, strawberry milk, green tea, coconut, dark chocolate, yuzu and miso (x3)

 Smile for the camera! What a cute chef! :D

Onto our next destination! Bourke Street Bakery! Although petite in size, the store seems to have a healthy amount of visitors, with a line extending out the doorway stretching towards the neighbouring houses - and for good reason! The tarts they provide are infamously known for their sugary goodness...

 In all its glory.

 Our purchases for 6. :D

 1x Pork & Fennel sausage roll + 1x Lamb, Almond & Harrisa Sausage roll ($4.50 each) - best sausage rolls ever - served nice and hot, with tomato sauce. 

Chicken, pea, sweet potato & lime pickle pie ($5.00) - HOT pie, awesome chicken. 

 Poached chicken & harrisa mayo, pickled pears and salad mix on panini ($7.50) - beautiful fusion. The pickled pear provided an interesting tang and texture to the overall panini. 

 Rare roast beef, horseradish cream, roast mushrooms, swiss cheese and rocket ($7.50) - the rockets were bitter and overpowering, but nonetheless, the fusion of roast beef, cream, mushroom and cheese made it delightful..mmm 

 Chunky beetroot relish, baked ricotta, roasted walnuts and salad mix on soy and linseed sourdough ($7.50) - the sourdough was beautiful, it reminded me of the highschool days in which, they used to sell oregano manoushes - but not as powerful. The walnuts made a strange combination to the overall sandwich - not really to my fancy 

 2x Custard and prune tart ($5.50 each) and 2x ginger brulee tart ($4.80) - heavenly sweetness. Custard and prune tart won my heart over with its ridiculously soft and creamy custard, and you can't go wrong with a brulee tart. The ginger added a little flavour to it, but did not mask everything else - it gave it a good balance of being sickeningly sweet with a little bit of ginger.

 As he does...when no chairs are about - :) How classy! :D

 Meet Cindy!

 Look at our goodies <3

Macaron Art~ courtesy of  Robert - 

And finally, we got to eat the macarons - 

- Coffee: Strong taste of coffee
- Dear Chris: hazelnut flavoured, tasted a bit like ferrero rocher :)
- Wasabi: tastes like wasabi in a sweet shell, and hits you like wasabi too, there was this slight tang in your nose afterwards, although, not everyone felt it - VERY interesting
- Rum Raisin: ....strong taste of rum, not to my fancy, bleh - NEXT
- Caramel: mmmm my only complaint is that there was only one left!
- Pistachio: rich taste of pistachio, unlike any before! Has the full on nutty edge to it.
- Cassis: Tastes like a sour berry 
- Earl Grey Caramel: heaven.
- Strawberry milk: Strawberry...milk.
- Green tea: if you love green tea, eat plenty! The green tea was rich but not overpowering, which made it lovely (biased cause, I love my tea)
- Coconut: beautiful! Tasted a bit like ferrero raffaello chocolate :)
- Dark Chocolate: very rich chocolate, like a thick dense chocolate souffle glazed with melted chocolate, transfixed into a miniature macaron.
- Miso:.....I have no comment to this
- Yuzu: Tangy! Citrus-y!

What a great start to Spring; despite the crazy road incidents. Will probably tone down on the sugar from now on... zzzz

Good food is best when it is shared! :)

Cafe Cre Asion
21 Alberta St, Sydney NSW

Bourke St Bakery
633 Bourke St, Surry Hills NSW


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