Liberty Private Works, Hong Kong

I had the luxury of traveling to Hong Kong just before the Chinese New Year period for a good and satisfying break from work. Going just before Chinese New Year was the perfect time as it was when all the sales were. SALES!!! It was a food heaven for me. Shopping was too. So much to do, yet so little time!

During my stay, I had the chance to experience one of the finest, dining experiences I've ever had at Liberty Private Works. It was definitely worth the hype and the days of counting down my friend imposed on me. This place blew my mind and literally had me licking the plates.

What you see when you exit the elevator 

The small restaurant was located in a little building in Central Hong Kong right at the top on the 26th level. Immediately, you will be graced with happy diners around the intimate private kitchen with the head Chef Vicky Cheng and his staff working with extreme care on the arty feast ahead. They used tweezers and paintbrushes! The restaurant only held a capacity of 25 - so bookings were essential.  You can book up to a month beforehand - but seats go like hot cakes.

Head chef Vicky Cheng in the middle 

Complimentary crackers 

Crackers with guacamole to snack on 

Pretty Hong Kong lights as our view for the night

White wine 

We were each presented with a test tube, and were instructed to pour the liquid onto its white counterpart - which expanded to a little towelette to clean your hands! Very nifty.

Oyster by Angelica 

These oysters were amazingly fresh. There were a multitude of flavours and textures riding in that little scoop of joy. I loved the pop of the caviar eggs.

Work it girlfriend. 

Cheers to good food and good company 

Tuna, sea urchin, espelette and rice 

Our next dish was artistically crafted and we were instructed to start eating from the left hand side - starting with the frozen grape and ending with the sweet longan. The flavours of the creamy tuna dominated the scene, but it was well balanced with the puffy rice. The cucumber and radish also did well to add a certain degree of freshness to the dish.

Scallop, winter truffle, chestnut, turnip cake 

Well cooked scallop piece with a collection of other goodies to sample. Take a little bit of this and that and voila, perfection in your mouth. 

Working very hard 

Seabass, syrah, leek and onion 

...with jus 

Well cooked fish with the perfect combination. The leek was in a mousse form and surprisingly was very fresh.

Some red wine with our red meat 

Egg, truffle, parmesan, caviar 

This was my absolute favourite dish. All the things I like in a bowl. It was ridiculously cheesy and saucy. The plate came out super hot to keep our food warm. This was paired with some funky looking bread for dipping. The flavours intermingled well with each other. I loved breaking the egg yolk to watch it ooze in between the truffle and parmesan. 

I so pointy 

Chef Vicky working his magic 

Rabbit, squash, pistachio, apricot 

This was probably my first time trying rabbit. An interesting experience! Surprisingly, it didn't taste like chicken. The apricot and squash added a refreshing cleansing action to the palette in between the meal. 

Venison, cheery, salsify, gingerbread 

One of the softest and most tender venison I've had. It was super juicy too. The cherry and pickled vegetables gave it a pang of sweetness and sourness just to combat the heavy food.

I was super excited for my next course from watching Chef Vicky work his magic across the flat plates. It was almost theatrical as he put together the most perfect form of art work with a blowtorch and liquid nitrogen. 

 Strawberry, coconut, champagne and pink peppercorn 

A simplified version of what we were presented. This was one of the best things I've had for a long while. There were so many different components to this dish to make it freaking awesome. But the coconut rice mochi balls stole my heart. That simple looking thing stole the show. Instant champagne ice-cream was made and topped onto our plate as we watched it sizzle down.

Instagram: twee__

Inside the strawberry was a champagne jelly. It was a bit of a surprise biting in and realising that it was more than just a strawberry. The jelly made it a lot more fun to eat with its interesting texture.

Inside those glutinous goodies!

Earl grey, wild rice and dried shrimp 

This was a bit of an odd ship for me. I loved the earl grey ice-cream, but the dried shrimp was a strange addition to it. It wasn't too bad, but I guess it just reminded me that I was in Asia. 

Petit fours 

I would recommend this private dining experience to everyone! It was such a good night with attentive staff. And the food was awesome. 

I will definitely revisit! 

Liberty Private Works 
26/F Stanley Street
Central Hong Kong


  1. You have an amazing journey and experience. Foods that you've eaten seems great. Wanna experience such activity also

  2. Great, and fantastic experience.. I recommend you to visit Brisbane and have great moments here.

  3. Omg, can't wait to go Hong Kong now!!!

    1. Hong Kong is the best!! Awaiting your posts from Japan ;D




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