Movida, Surry Hills

I've been meaning to try MoVida since the day of its launch in Sydney, but timing was never right. But ALAS, MoVida has now been ticked off my list of to try - thanks to a beautiful friend that organised it all. It offers super tasty food with a very casual atmosphere. Their menu was quite extensive with loads of different Spanish cuisines to try.

Drinks at the bar

A jug of white sangria - $40 

I'm a lightweight drinker, so the white sangria was the perfect remedy for me. It was light and fruity and made me feel like I could drink the whole jug. But a few sips had me flush a deep pink. It was definitely worth it. 

Cigarillo de Queso - $27.50

There were some small interesting bites. It was a quince paste cigar with whipped goats milk cheese.  A small mouthful will be enough for non-cheese lovers. The combination was an odd concoction of flavours with the richness of the cheese and the savoury, yet sweet quince paste. 

 Pamplona - $14.00

Cured chorizo sausage as a starter to the meal ahead. Each was thinly sliced with vibrant flavours. Yum!

 Bocadillo de Chorizo - $15.00

I loved these little bite sized cuties! The powerful chorizo with the subtle aioli sauce seriously had me craving for more. It was a blast of flavours in your mouth. 

Croquetta de jamon Iberico (2 pieces) - $8.50 

These croquettes were also fun-sized and full of joy. It tasted like a creamy ham flavoured potato mash, deep fried to perfection! - insert Homer Simpson's drool - 

Gazpacho - $19.00 

This dish was a creamy based soup with thinly chopped up seafood. It was quite refreshing amongst all the heavy foods. 

Pastel de Codorniz - $12.50 

This dish was probably the most insignificant dish of the night. Just a bird in a pastry puff. 

  Chicharones (Cripsy Pork Jowl with Seared Scallops and Fried Kiplers) - $19.50

The crispy pork jowl bursted with flavours with its juicy innards and paired well with the simple seared scallops. 

Pato - $24.50 

The crispy duck leg braised in muscatel wine, served with pickled cabbage was an interesting combination. Not sure if I liked the contrast between the flavours. 

 Cecina - $21.00 

Behold, this is the dish everyone must try. The rest of the meal was just foreplay compared to this. Air-dried wagyu with poached organic egg and truffle foam. The marbling of the wagyu was present in its thinly sliced state, allowing for a succulent combination with the egg and truffle foam. It offered a multitude of flavours and textures. The truffle foam just gave it that perfect happy ending. My fave.

The easiest way to eat this dish is to roll it inwards from the sides, so it looks like one hot mess. Too good to share.

MoVida has been awards two hats by the SMH food guide. It is a very chilled place to have a few glasses of sangria, and share meals between your friends. The wait staff are very helpful and the atmosphere is just super friendly and amazing. I will definitely be back for you, Cecina! ;)

50 Holt St, Surry Hills
02 8964 7642

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  1. love movida, the beef cheek is amazing there!

    1. I seemed to have missed it on the menu! D:

  2. Movida's one of my favourite restaurants in Sydney. Is the beef cheek still on the menu? It was so tender I ate it with a spoon!

    1. Unfortunately it wasn't - but it sounds amazing though

  3. I think you just made me want to revisit Movida!
    Although when I went the first time, I wasn't THAT blown away by it, but for some reason your pics have captured my heart (or rather belly) to give it another shot

    1. The highlight was definitely the cecina and the white sangria :D do it!

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