Hotpot in Hong Kong

Hotpot in Hong Kong was one of the best things ever. It was hot and soupy and warm enough to combat the cold during our stay there. We went to two different hotpot places. One that the locals go to and one that is more westernised.

Name: 力奇四季火鍋
Address: G/F, 53 Kok Cheung Street Tai Kok Tsui
Opening hours: 6pm-2am

This place was quite hard to find. But miraculously we found it. I would not have believed that this place was a hotpot place by looking outside. It seriously looked like a garage with many round tables and harsh fluorescent lights. There wasn't even a visible sign outside that I could see to show that it was a restaurant. However, the place was bustling with big families around their steaming hot pot, with generous servings of food on the sides.

Knowing cantonese is a big yes if you were to venture here as the locals don't speak much english. We were first given a piece of paper to tick what we would like to eat. However, it was all in chinese. Luckily, my friend could speak chinese, and just communicated with them to order the best of everything.

Soon, our hotpot was overfilled with generous servings of everything. The broth was strongly flavoured with the sweetness of pork bones and other delicacies. We had to scoop out a few things out to make room for everything else. We felt pretty much at home at this place. Getting water/tea or simply pouring out the contents of your glass was all self-service. The wagyu beef stole the show here with its beautiful fatty trims. The end result was a homely and fulfilling meal as a local.

A bit of pork bones, corn, pumpkin, melon, tomatoes, greens in our hotpot soup

The most succulent hotpot wagyu beef perfectly rolled up with telltale fatty trimmings that adds to its goodness 

Leafy green vegetables to balance the meaty food. We ordered heaps to help detox from all the street food. 

Packet ramen and udon noodles 

Love these mushrooms! One of my favourite additions in a hotpot. 

Selection of different fish balls 

More fishballs 

Beef balls 

Frozen dumplings - these took forever to cook in the hot pot! But well worth it for its generous innards. 

Salmon sashimi 

Digging in! 


Name: Top Grade Hot Pot
Address: G/F, 5-7 Tsing Fung Street, Tin Hau
Opening Hours: 7:30pm-3:00am

After an intense day of shopping in Causeway Bay, we had our second hotpot dinner quite late here at Top Grade Hot Pot. Lucky for us, the restaurant closes super late. I love how a lot of the restaurants closes super late. This place was a lot more modernised than the first. The down lights added a look of sophistication with the dark glossy mirrors creating a bigger space. They had a very extensive menu with very interesting delicacies, and best of all, it all had english translations and accompanying pictures.

We chose to split our hotpot with one side being spicy, and the other being normal. We were each also given a selection of sauces and spices to add to accompany our meal. AND most importantly, we all had our own little strainer to scoop our food out. The spicy side of the soup is definitely for adventurous people with a strong tolerance to spice. It will seriously numb your tongue of all senses if you can't take your chilli. Those green peppercorns and chilli seeds are lethal. It burns.

Modernised decor with comfortable seating. 

Menus in english. 

The evil spice starting to boil. 

A selection of sides and sauces to accompany the meal. 

Soy sauce and wasabi for our sashimi dishes. 

Our own set of cutleries. Let the hot pot struggle begin. 

Hygienic chef staff with gloves and masks. 

Our deep pot of joy. 

Sugar cane juice and watermelon juice. 

Hungry diners at 11:30pm.

Pretty salmon sashimi - wished the servings were more generous. 

Succulent wagyu beef slices - those fatty trimmings! 

These mushrooms again

Prettily wrapped clear noodles 

Bean curd tofu skin and noodles 


Demolishing everything 

Glutinous puffs 

Beef balls 

Scallops with gold flakes - fancy. 

Really strange noodles. It was tough, despite being soaked for so long. 

Frozen dumplings 

Shotgun fishballs!

Little crab balls with cheese fillings topped with caviar eggs! Had an interesting surprise when the innards exploded with what tasted like cow cheese! 

Packet noodles!

More greens! Felt like I barely had enough greens in that week of exploring Hong Kong. 

The ramen noodles soaked in that evil spicy soup. Hot! Hot! 

Both hotpot places open very late to cater to the busy lifestyles of its locals. All in all, I enjoyed both experiences on my hotpot adventures in Hong Kong. Wishing for that ridiculously good wagyu again. 


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