Ichiran Ramen, Causeway Bay Hong Kong

This ramen spot is hands down one of the best ones I've ever been to. It serves only the best tonkotsu ramen that you will ever taste, with each bowl designed to cater your palate. We need one in Sydney ASAP! The queue for this ramen booth could probably stretch to over 100m down the side of the restaurant during dinner time. Getting there early is essential for you to get seats without the ridiculously long wait. Thinking about this joint still makes me salivate. 

We arrived pretty early to find a small queue already waiting for their dinner. It took approximately 20 minutes to get seats as we realised that the line continued inside the restaurant, where people waited alongside the walls. As we waited inside, we were given a little sheet to personalise our ramen which allowed us to deepen the flavour of the broth, and customise the noodles. There is even an option for a refill of noodles.

The decor was modest and simple with only enough seats to sit 36 people at a time. Each person gets an individual booth and their own supply of tasty water from a tap. 


The pork broth was just the perfect flavour and consistency, with just the right amount of spices and flavouring. Ichiran is famous for its red pepper sauce which is mixed with 30 different spices giving it that special taste. I could probably eat this everyday for the rest of my life. 


This tofu appetiser and dessert accompanied the ramen dish before and after the meal by cleansing the palate for a more intense flavour of the broth. 

The soup was good enough to drink after the refill! Yum!!! Loved it.

This was the line after our dinner. So glad that we came early! I would recommend this place to anyone who goes to Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. Service was exceptional and quick. All in all, this place was amazing.

Ichiran Ramen
Shop H & I, Ground Floor, Lockhart House, Block A, 440 Jaffe Road Causeway Bay
Hong Kong 


  1. loved ichiran in japan, wish there was one in syd too!

    1. Your japan posts were awesome!! Makes me want to go just for their fatty tuna, yum :9




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