Suminoya, Sydney

Down in some shoddy alleyway lies this gem of a place in the heart of Sydney. This place has become one of my absolute fave when it comes to a meaty feed. There's an option for an a la carte menu, and a buffet menu - those with a giant appetite will love this. It's all you can eat for 90 minutes - offering the gourmet menu ($45) or premium menu ($55). We opted for the premium as we were allowed unlimited servings of wagyu and fresh sashimi for 90 minutes.

The decor inside gave off a homey feel with its timber interior. Each table had its own adjustable vent to suck up the smoke from the BBQ. This ensured that the atmosphere was comfortable without being too smokey. Service was prompt and quick with attentive and readily available staff. Portions came in very small servings - so it's best to double or triple your order for the meaty options.

We ordered almost everything from the menu. My absolute favourite from the wagyu selection was most definitely the rib finger. It was the most succulent and juicy of the selection with its intense marbling that melts in your mouth.

The slushy of the day was grape flavoured and it really helped to wash down all the fatty goodness that oozed from the wagyu. It got to the point where it felt like we were just swallowing fat - but, the tasty kind.

Definitely will revisit! Here's a little preview of a few of the things we had:

 Assorted kimchi 


 Assorted sashimi



Red wine to wash down the fat 

Grape flavoured slushy (I ordered about 10 of these, because they were THAT good) 

Buttered corn and garlic prawns

Sashimi - tuna and salmon

ox tongue

ox tongue 

Vanilla icecream 

Green tea icecream 

Black sesame pudding

1 Hosking Place, Sydney

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