Sushi Hotaru, Town Hall

Recently, I have been introduced to a sushi train place by the name of Sushi Hotaru which reminded me strongly of a mini Wagaya; except, this place had the longest sushi train ever! Furthermore, each plate on the sushi train was $3!!!! Minus the gold plates of sashimi...

The japanese chefs reminded me of the one that left mounties recently! He was awesomeeeeee~~ Too bad he left. Gonna miss his weekly warm handshakes and ridiculously bright smiles!

We came around the beginning of the dinner time mark, 5pm, so it wasn't as busy, but all the seats were taken at the main station, so we were seated at a miniature booth for 4....albeit, for 4 tiny people. So, we were quite squished...nonetheless, it was very cosy. Each booth had its own touch screen function, very much like Wagaya; touch service is awesome. Service was relatively fast too, and the staff were very friendly. 

To the food:

Salmon nigiri

Takoyaki (octopus puff)

Grilled Salmon Nigiri

Spicy Grilled Salmon Nigiri

Soft shell crab roll

Teriyaki chicken and avocado roll

Grilled scallops nigiri

Spicy grilled scallop

....sigh I've come to a conclusion that, when going to restaurants, there's a 70% chance of my lovely food being defaced by the hideous appearance of something unsightly....

Salmon skin fry - utilising the whole salmon...even the skin...ha~ not bad, too oily for my liking.

Chicken karaage - strangest looking chicken karaage ever, and the mayo serving was so miniature and stingy

Wagyu beef hand rolls

Soft shell crab omelette hand roll

Scampi roll

Eel with egg hand roll and california hand roll

Octopus karaage 

By the 6pm mark, the place was bustling with people, so the sushi train extended all the way down the restauran

Yellow tailed fried - accidentally picked at it before taking a photo, whoops

Green tea and red bean dessert - mmmmm this fusion is beautiful; the green tea balances out the sweetness of the red beans. Not sickening in the slightest! Which is dangerous...

Glutinous rice balls with red bean paste and strawberries - yum! 

Octopus salad - I strongly remember a very distinct taste of overpowered the octopus salad.

Squid nigiri - omgawd, so chewy. Don't think I'll be having this again.

King fish nigiri - tasted funky

Coffee pudding with crushed nuts - washed out the taste of wasabi (Y) and was really nice - for the coffee lovers.

Two colour fish roe - ABSOLUTELY........not my style. Bleh, the green had a very distinct taste of wasabi, omg, which burst in your mouth upon chewing, and the black one, was unbelievably bitter....

Inside lies another strawberry, mmmm I loved this one! It was so soft and delicate. 

Red bean icecream ($4.50) yummm, way better than the red bean icecream sticks you buy at asian supermarkets haha

Our mini leaning tower of piza (plates) I think ours trumped everyone elses in the vicinity~
There was a total of 31 plates altogether + dessert for 4 :)

The food was pretty average, nothing stood out amazingly, it's what you'd expect at other sushi stores, but still, the ambiance and service was great. The total cost wasn't too bad for what we had either. Will definitely come again!

500 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Level 1 - The Galleries Victoria

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