Stra Pocha, Strathfield

So, I've been told that this is probably one of the best restaurants in Strathfield, offering yummy food despite the miniature placement on the quieter side of Strathfield. And, being infamous for its ridiculously chili chicken. But, I wasn't there for the tongue numbing experience just yet...and opted for a safer option. Having little experience with korean food, I picked the picture that stood out the most on the menu... It didn't fail!!! :D

 Complimentary Korean side dishes - I liked the kim chi only... the rest were like..... 

 THIS LANDED IN MY RICE - WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME?!?!?!?! D: hooters, now here.. they haunt me. 

Marinated beef with an assorted mixture of veggies and vermicelli ($15) - this was goooooood! The vermicelli noodles were so chewy, very different to Vietnamese styled ones, but nonetheless, it was awesome! The weather was chilly and this dish was definitely a warmer 

 Egg soup ($8) - when I thought egg soup, I didn't think much....but upon eating it, a world of perspective changed in a heartbeat - SOO GOOD! The egg soup was delightfully hot and fluffy mmm will definitely order this again 


 Venturing to the other side of Strathfield, through this mighty shifty tunnel, the friend also told me, someone did a live human poopie here... ....... .. *tucks camera neatly away*


Chili chicken next time!!! 

Stra Pocha  Strathfield Train Station
Ground Level, 19-21 Everton Rd
Strathfield NSW 2135


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