Wagaya, Haymarket

Oh, HAI! :) Just recently celebrated a great man's 20th birthday at Wagaya restaurant. This modern savvy restaurant is well known for its modernised touch screen function in every booth - thus, having no need for the embarrassing hand-waves or hawk-eyes for a waiter to cater to you...just tap the screen. Water? Screen! :D Too easy~

Anyway, the plan was to surprise the birthday boy, but, birthday boy figured something of the nature was bound to happen...what a shame. Anyway food time; don't these make you wanna salivate? :)

 Scallop and garlic fried rice ($10.90)

 Aburi salmon cream cheese roll ($10.50) - this was so cheesy. An explosion of cheese. Good thing I love cheese... :)

 Lightly grilled salmon sushi ($8.30)

 Rainbow roll ($10.30) 

 Deep fried chicken Karaage ($7.30) - the jap mayo is the bomb with this dish!

 Spider roll ($9.40) 

 Salmon sashimi ($7.30) 

 Home made gyouza 2 servings ($6.50x2) 

Foooood :D

 Ika Fri ($7.90)

 Chicken Nankotu ($6.50) - We got this because, it had common stamped next to it...I didn't know what to expect, but I didn't expect deep fried cartilage? Haha, very interesting, good one Japs.

 Lightly grilled salmon and scallop box sushi  ($12.50)

 And behold - the ultimate sushi roulette ($9.90) - Another thing that Wagaya is famous for. 6 sly shying sushi rolls, one planted with a pea sized wasabi landmine in your mouth...each laced with slight traces of wasabi paste to put you off track. 
Birthday boy: I know this one definitely doesn't have it! 

...5 seconds later...
Colossal damage.

Birthday boy: It's like an explosion!


That's what I call forever young. LOL

Immortal sin

 The cake was awesome!

Happy birthday! :) 

Wagaya is definitely one of the best places to go for decent priced Jap food. The atmosphere and staff are really nice too. If you're planning on driving, there's a Wilson's parking nearby and night rates are $12! :D


Wagaya Restaurant
Level 1, 78-86 Harbour St
Haymarket NSW 2000


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