Passionflower, Sydney

So following Wagaya, I met up with Po for extra desserts at Passionflower! :) Prior to this, I had my passionflower membership card renewed, so we get a 10% discount on the food....yay for discounts!

 Lasting Love ($15 --> $13.50) - mishmash of strawberry and mango icecreams dressed with a cocktail mix of peaches, kiwis and strawberries, dazzled with strawberry syrup. Despite having a super corny name, the icecream was pretty good. :) But way overpriced.

Oh look, it's miniature domo-kun! :D Won him upstairs, playing the claw machine. :DDD

580 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000


  1. LOL, it clearly states $15 --> $13.50 Leo Trinh. hahaha and the claw machine are $1 plays; guess I should have added that.... but now you know ^^




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