Circa Cafe, Parramatta

Doesn't it feel great when you find a great new cafe, and isn't it even better when there's someone there to try it with you? :) After reading chocolatesuze's blog here I felt as though I was missing out if I didn't go try it with Po. It also has really high ratings from Urbanspoon, for good reason!

 A mocha ($3) for me to get that instant hit to start the day.

 A caramel latte ($3) for Po, the poor guy was sick with sniffles and woke up with a puffy face, complaining that he didn't have his morning caffeine yet...haha - this certainly sealed the deal. 

 The amazing french toast with labne, poached rhubard and pistachio ($8) - mmm, the bread as amazingly soft and fluffy with buttery goodness. Po was all like - 'Twee, twee, watch them make it, then make it for me when I'm all better,' haha. :)

Norwegian smoked salmon with cucumber, garlic, labne and baby spinach ($8) - delightful combo with crunchy fresh bread toasted to perfection, mmm :D

The menu changed a lil from the time chocolatesuze went, buuut, everything else remained the same. The tiny cafe was bustling with people before we left so I couldn't take a proper picture of the menu. It was a good thing we came at a good time 11ish. :)

In all its glory.

Another thing I must try if I visit this cafe again will be the lentils; because throughout the day, everyone ordered lentils, lentils, lentils and more lentils. I wasn't quite sure what lentils are, all I knew was that they're mighty good for your health, so I did a bit of research after hearing the guy's explanation, 'Lentils are like...lentils...*sheepish smile* they look a bit like snow peas...." LOL

Circa Cafe 
21 Wentworth Street
Parramatta, 2150


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