Hooters, Parramatta

Ever been to Hooters? If not, why not? :) Hooters is a casual dining area with a lively atmosphere, full of well-endowed waitresses and warm welcomes. Upon entering, you'll be greeted with a chorus of - "HI! WELCOME TO HOOTERS!" by all the staff...including the men. The interior design for the restaurant is modern with a western edge, complimented by wooden furniture. The vibrant atmosphere is further enhanced by the open bar and kitchen, with tele screens for those who enjoy a cold beer to match their games.

 I came here with Po, which turned out to be a grossly funny experience, watching him awkwardly adverting his eyes elsewhere, rather than gawking at the mammoth chests of the waitresses...then excusing himself to the bathroom minutes later...TOO FUNNY! xD Tiny bladder! Anyway - to the food~

 Lots-a-tots ($8.95) - Tater tots covered with bacon, cheese sauce, sour cream and chives. Golden potatoes covered in sour cream and bacon...drizzled in cheese sauce made this a ridiculously fattening meal, but nonetheless, it was full of oily goodness.

 10 pieces chicken wings ($13.50) - spicy garlic; the good thing about this dish was that it offered 7 different levels of hotness that you could choose from. Ranging from BBQ to HOT. The buffalo wings were spicy with a lil bit of tang to it.

 Chicken Caesar Salad ($17.50) - Cos lettuce with shredded parmesan cheese, home styled croutons and caesar dressing. Now, I have nothing but love for caesar salads, but when it's been defaced with the hideous appearance of a spider...my love drops severely for it. BUT, no matter, the staff were really apologetic and came out with a freshly made caesar salad :) This was one of the best caesar salads that I've had. It beats Outback steakhouse, minus the appearance of the spider. eeek. As Po says, "People in Thailand eat spiders...so..." uhh..No.

A meal for two.

I'd come again. But probably not on a Tuesday, cause apparently, kids eat for free on Tuesdays......probably wreak havoc everywhere...jumping on tables and stuff.

Hooters of Parramatta
132 James Ruse Drive, Parramatta


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