Chefs Gallery, Sydney

Chefs Gallery! Exactly how it is titled~ When I came here to dine, it was pretty late ~9ish pm so they had cleared the middle tables and we were allocated the tables on the sides - which was pretty cool! We had a perfect view to the chefs in action. Slaving away in the kitchen, making fresh noodles, pan frying them in a huge wok. That definitely kept us entertained whilst waiting for the food.

 Look at him go~ Serious face on

Noodles with char-grilled wagyu beef dipped in Sichuan spicy soup with regular handmade noodles - $16.90 

Po's insatiable love for wagyu beef tempted him to order this dish~ Initially, it was stamped with three chilies meaning extremely hot, but the staff catered for changes and used a chicken soup base instead. The wagyu strips were extremely tender and flavoured well. The chef's hand made noodles were made with experienced hands being soft and uniform throughout.

 Shredded Peking duck with cucumber and holsin sauce rolled inside a fluffy chinese rotti - $15.90
Our Peking duck wrapped in a chinese rotti roll! I love this dish~ The crunchiness of the cucumber meshed well with the soft shredded duck, with the greasy rotti completing the piece. - best served with soy sauce.

Refreshing ice lychee green tea - $4.90 

Prawn and pork wonton noodles in a Shanghainese style spicy sauce with regular handmade noodles - $10.90 

My dish was stamped with two chilies; in which I overlooked. Consequently, I had to surrender my senses to the unbearably spicy noodle base soup. It was hot to the point where my nose was runny and beads of sweat appeared on my forehead. Chili.  Hot. Hot. Hot! Luckily, Po swapped some of his plain noodles with my chili ridden ones to even out the chili tone. It helped somewhat~ The noodles in its chili soup base form together with the prawn and pork wonton truly warms a person up from the inside! Which was good as Sydney weather has been crazy these past few days/weeks.

Chef wearing a mouth guard for cleanliness~ 

Signature 'Piggy Face' sesame bun and 'Totoro' marsh-mellow arranged in an edible garden setting beautifully presented and served with icecream - $19.90 

LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO THE CUTEST BUNS IN THE WORLD! They were so ridiculously adorable! And ever so heart-breaking to eat. Gorgeous, perfectly well rounded buns with little eyes, ears and nose that are attached. Eating these should be illegal. I want to preserve it in its perfect state forever. The pictures were endless - so many angles! A bow for the girl, and nothing for the boy~ Ms piggy and Mr piggy.

Waffle pen sprinkled with icing sugar, with two scoops of creamy flavoursome ice-cream on the sides - green tea and black sesame! Makeshift play pen is adorned with a cookie based crumbed sidewalk and Asian sweets as rocks.

He is smiling for the camera~

Say bye-bye :( 

Ruthless Po taking the first bite...

Inside the lovely Ms Piggy - we have a sweet explosion of black sesame paste~
Chefs Gallery offers an extensive range of Chinese dishes in its image ridden menu. Most dishes are presented in the form of that you would find in yumcha. Altogether, service was very efficient and flexible and the views to the chef's hard work and dedication were admired greatly! Flavours and tastes were great! :D

Chefs Gallery 
501 George St, 
Sydney NSW 2000

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  1. the piggies are too cute to eat :(

  2. omg the box with the piggy buns! SO CUTE!!!

  3. I love eating here, so much better than the normal yum chas nearby.

    1. I have yet to try their yumcha selection! The pictures looked inviting though.. one of these days~




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