Rockpool Bar and Grill, Sydney

Let me introduce you to Rockpool...Bar and Grill. The more down-to-earth of Neil Perry's Rockpool chain. That isn't to say that it is any less grandeur. In fact, the building in which it is situated is artistically beautiful with a ridiculously high ceiling.

As a treat for being lovely all the time, I had booked it for Po's birthday as a surprise~ Upon entering, I was awed at the restaurants beauty and warmth. The ceilings seemed as though they would stretch forever and there were countless staff in penguin suits carrying plates of food. Another thing that attracted me were the amount of glasses of wines they had hanging from the ceiling, way too many! Made everything look that much more sparkly. We were seated somewhere cosy and tucked away, however that didn't impact the service too much.

Complimentary bread for starters; not as warm and fluffy as I'd hoped. 

My Steak Tartare with chips $25 

I've always wanted to try the steak tartare here~ And I'm so glad I have. The dish was presented on a huge white dish as it sat so miniature in the middle; complimented with chips on the side. It didn't have the egg in a well like at other places I've seen, instead it was presented on a few leaves looking super creamy. The steak tartare despite looking all small, and innocent actually is quite heavy in its rich creaminess (to me anyway). I really liked the zingy tang it to with the little crunch as it added texture to the would be only raw beef salad. 

Rib eye on the bone 350g 68 days $60

The steak for Po and no, I didn't pay $60 for two sliced pieces of steak. :p What happened was, we told the waiter that we wanted to share the dishes, so he had portioned the pieces for us, perfectly sliced. Not sure if it was the best steak I've had though. It was cooked to medium rare with a nice grilled charred taste coating the top and bottom.

Seared king prawns with goat cheese tortellini, burnt butter, pine nuts and raisins $32

My love for goat cheese was tested with this dish. So ridiculously rich with cheese in each tortellini. Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Too much cheese for me to handle. Cheese empowered over everything. It was a pretty heavy dish, despite being so miniature. Will try something else next time, definitely... 

Charcoal oven roasted pumpkin and sweet potato with garlic yoghurt and burnt butter $9 

The roasted pumpkin was perfectly cooked in all its melt-in-your-mouth sweetness, slathered in a generous amount of garlic yoghurt. Definitely a delicious side. Will order again.

The slowly vacant restaurant - really dimly lit, with a modern light on each table.

Raspberry and Vanilla Cream Mille Feuille $23

My favourite dish of the night! After all that heavy food, we opted for a light dessert. Best dessert ever! I really liked the light biscuit sandwiching the goodness within. Oh it oooozes raspberry~ The vanilla cream was super light, and the sour raspberry and sorbet was just the refresher we needed to finish the meal.

Rockpool bar and grill is a beautiful place to celebrate a special occasion. It's beauty is probably unrivaled in elegance and grandeur. Lovely service with a killer dessert. I'm really glad to have a partner who enjoys food as much as I do. Happy Birthday~

Rockpool Bar and Grill 
66 Hunter St Sydney NSW 2000 

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  1. i looove cheese so that tortellini sounds fab but omg the dessert looks amazing!

    1. The tortellini got to the point where I had to squeeze the precious cheese out to eat :( haha, t'was good though! And yes! The dessert was amazing. :D But it's not on the menu anymore~ hmmm I protest.




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