Azuma, Chifley Square Sydney

I haven't been fine dining in ages! So I was really excited when Po took me out to try one of the 'Appetite for Sydney' restaurants, Azuma. It is located in the big marbled Chifley Plaza, where suits roam day and night. I found the interior design strikingly beautiful with its Japanese influence, with its paintings and pottery and staff. It used to be a one-hatted restaurant, but unfortunately lost it; which is a shame, because the restaurant is truly lovely, with lovely staff and service.

The 'Appetite for Sydney' menu offered us our choice of 2 courses for $55 or 3 courses for $66 per person. We opted for the $66 per person meal which included entrees, mains and dessert with complimentary tea or wine. 

Our endless cup of tea - refilled throughout the night. One strikingly vivid green tea. Very strong, and unlike any bottled green teas. 

2011 Torbreck 'Woodcutters' Shiraz, Barossa Valley SA - was DD so didn't get to taste. :|

 Entree: Duo of Azuma’s famous Seared Tuna Salad & Deluxe Seared Salmon Belly Nigiri – served with wasabi mayonnaise, caramalised soy & sake sauce and micro herbs.

Still beautiful as the first time I had it. Tuna was delicately seared with the refreshed herbs adorned on top of it. Was featured on SBS once. Servings were tiny though, I wanted more.

Seared Salmon Nigiri~ I loved it. There was an explosion of flavours; the smokiness of the salmon with the sharp pang of wasabi mayonnaise with the greens on top. Once again, too few! I could eat these forever.

 Main 1: Wagyu Beef steak with seasonal vegies and rice

The wagyu beef was beautifully soft and tender cooked medium rare, with just the right amount of juiciness. The only negative - a tad too salty. Problem was easily solved by whacking the sauce off of it; or eating it with rice ha!

 Main 2: Deep fried sea perch fillets served with julienne seasonal vegetable and rice.

I probably wouldn't order this dish again. Just tasted like fish cocktails in a thick soupy mix. It could do better without the batter, which made it soggy and strange to eat.

Azuma dessert tasting plate: Homemade mango icecream, Belgium chocolate mousse and vanilla creme brulee. 

This was undoubtedly the best part of the meal! Three gorgeously small portioned delights~ Each so rich and fragrant in their flavours that it was hard not to fall in love with them all. The mango icecream was powerful and creamy. The chocolate mousse was ever so moist and lovely. But the real winner for me was the creme brulee. I love cracking into the sugary goodness and hearing that crunch, before digging into its soft creamy innards. SO GOOD! Po couldn't stop making noises.. I assume it was the wine.. but...

Azuma is a wonderful place to have dinner, it's on the dearer side but definitely worth a shot. The staff were attentive and altogether nice and friendly, and the food was great. There are also private rooms, which I found on my long walk to the toilets, and disabled accessibility to the restaurant. I'll definitely come again!

Level 1 2 Chifley Square
Sydney NSW 2000

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