District Dining, Surry Hills

District Dining is probably one of my favourite restaurant of all time. Not only is it cosy with a nice friendly ambiance, the food is really good and not too expensive. Deals.com.au had an awesome deal where you get two entrees, two mains and two desserts all for $69. Which means you save 50%! (or more!!!) So it was a definite grab since I paid twice the amount last time I went.

The voucher came in great use during the peak of my exam period with the added stress of constant work everyday. Good food and good company always seems to make things better. :D

Crispy quail eggs with tarragon mayonnaise - $14 

I couldn't resist ordering the crispy quail eggs as an added extra to our meal, mainly because it looked so good on other food blogs. It lived up to its expectations. The waitress warned us before hand to pop the whole thing in our mouth because the yolk would spurt out everywhere if we bit into it...but I didn't listen and got a good dose of it on my clothes. Ah! Anyway, the outside was deliciously crisp and the inside oh-so-soft and gooey~ It just melted in my mouth.

The ooze

Entree: Tofu with bean paste

To be honest, I had this a loong time ago, so I cant really remember what this dish was, it was just like an asian tofu dish. Nothing crazy special.

Entree: Kingfish served with Wasabi Pannacotta, Quinoa and Ponzu;

The wasabi pannacotta was not what I expected. The harsh wasabi taste was not at all dominant in this dish, which was fine with me. Instead it was a soft refreshing icy taste - more like an icicle than anything. There were a strong mesh of flavours to this dish, with the kingfish being fresh against the savoury balls. Was interesting.
 Main: 12 Hour Lamb Shoulder, cauliflower salad, olives and Moroccan spices

Despite having this dish so long ago, I still remember the vivid taste of it. I loved this dish; and that's saying something, since I'm not a fan of lamb. But this lamb shoulder just melted away in my mouth. It was really flavoursome and just lovely. Beautiful. Would definitely have it again.

Main: Sumac Crusted Salmon Fillet served with a shaved Fennel salad

If I haven't expressed my love for salmon yet, I'll do it now. Salmon, I love you!!! This Salmon was beautifully crusted and cooked to perfection. It separated easily and was not overcooked. Just lovely. The fennel salad complimented the salmon well with its crunchy texture. Borderline food coma.

Dessert: Berry mess (deconstructed Pavlova) with sorbet, berries and cream

If you like pavlova you'll definitely like this. I remember my lips and tongue being painted in a vivid red due to that sorbet.

Dessert: Bread and Butter pudding with prune, cinnamon and apple crumble icecream

 I never understood Po's love for bread and butter pudding until I had this. It really beats the other ones I had for sure~ The bread and butter pudding just warms your heart, with its sweet, warm self. Soft and the perfect solution to winter's cold nights.

Drizzle mmm 

 All this totaled less than $90 and was well worth it. Will come again. And again. :D

District Dining 
17 Randle St
Surry Hills NSW 2010 


  1. LOVE district dining esp the quail eggs and the crispy pig ears but yum that lamb sounds amazing

    1. :9 I will try the crispy pig ears next! Tenk u!

  2. YUMMYYY!!!!
    I wish I saw that deal and will be keeping an eye out now =D

    1. Haha! Definitely~ they have quite a few good deals once in a while, I'll let you know if it pops up :)

  3. the Bread and Butter pudding was my favourite dessert here. I thought our meal was worth it too :)




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