Minion Cake

Just another quick post! I just want to say a belated congratulations to one of my dearest students/younger brother figure for completing his HSC somewhere late last year! Despite being a constant part of my stress due to such and such he has made me very proud. :') To honour his graduation and making it into the university that he wanted, I baked him a good ol' banana minion cake with passionfruit butter. Mainly because his face resembles that of a minion when he is lost on a question; and minions love bananas. HA!

I have to say thanks to this lady here for her very good tutorial on how to make those lil things.


This is my rendition: 

 Prepare the coloured fondant a day prior to making your minions. Food colouring gel is recommended (can be bought at spotlight for a whopping $7 per tiny bottle). Wrap them tightly in cling wrap and place in fridge.

Dust some icing sugar on your working mat and roll the yellow into a nice oval.

Give them some eyes, or one.

Roll out some blue to give the minion clothes (a big blue rectangle and two small squares for the sides). Using a toothpick will make your life easier.

Don't forget the overall straps!

Roll out some black fondant into a thin sausage and make some goggles and two little circles as buttons and gloves. Add in more detail like arms and stitching details.

Add eyes, shoes and a mouth.


x 2

Your minions are now complete! Make an army if you must. :)

Store in an airtight container in the fridge for later use.

 (ignore my dodgy as fondant coverage - did not have time to perfect it!)

 The two most awesome brothers. :o) Congrats again Blake!




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