Porteno, Surry Hills

Dear Porteno, I love you. This Argentinian restaurant will definitely fill your belly with some ridiculously good meat. Two suckling pigs, and two lambs are roasted over an open fire for a good eight hours before service - allowing the skin to be crisp and golden with juicy innards that will make you drool. It is almost essential to go early to avoid the huge queues. By early, I mean at least 20 minutes before doors open. Any later, and you will most likely be waiting for a good 1-2 hours before you get seats. However, you can wait upstairs at Gardel's bar first to order a few drinks or appetisers before the meal.

This highlights my most recent trip to Porteno with their current menu...enjoy!

 Chimichurri - spicy Argentinian Parsley Sauce 

 Housemade Fetta and Provolone filled Zucchini Flowers with Grilled Asparagus, Romesco Sauce and Rocket - $26 

I've never really tried zucchini flowers before, but these left a good impression. The flavours meshed well together - sweet innards of zucchini and asparagus went well with the peppery nut sauce layered on the bottom. 

Potato Tortellini Filled with Wood Roasted Pumpkin, Fontina and Almonds. Brown Butter and Sage Sauce. 

These little goodies offered a slightly burnt taste! Fatty goodness.

 Broccoli and Ricotta Empanada - $6.5 and Beef Empanadas - $6.5 

Crispy coating with flavoursome innards!

Drinks all around! I really enjoyed their Singapore Sling. In this alcoholic beverage, you will find a fine mix of gin, cherry herring, cointreau, benedictine, bitters, lemon, grenadine, pineapple and soda with a cherry on top.

 Spiced Eggplant - $8

8 Hour Woodfired Pig + 8 Hour Woodfired Lamb $46 

 This is hands down, the most succulent piece of pork and lamb that I have ever had. It is a must on the dinner table if you're dining at Porteno. You have the option to order them separately, or to combine them.

The golden, crispy crackling crunched so satisfyingly! It was so hard to resist. Cooked to perfection.

 Kobe Cuisine Wagyu Beef Outside Skirt Grilled Over Charcoal $42 

It melts! This wagyu beef drips of flavour - oozing with fatty goodness.

Polenta White Polenta with gorgonzola and walnuts $16 

One of my favourite side dishes to complete the meal! Polenta and its grainy goodness melts my heart with its cheesy additions. No walnuts for me though.

Porteno is a perfect place for a hearty and meaty meal made for sharing. Service was amazing with fun waiters and waitresses all around to cater to your needs. Definitely one of my favourite places. Will definitely be back.

358 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills NSW

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  1. oh man it's been ages since i last visited porteno and now this post had made me so hungry! that woodfired pork is so awesome




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