Ms G's, Potts Point

Let me introduce you to Ms. G's, where 'Asian mothers are the best mothers'~ I came here with Po for the March into Merivale $33 lunch deal - where you can pick your choice of main and dessert with your selection of white or red wine. Getting there was a royal pain for us noobies with city roads as we somehow managed to get stuck on the Harbour Bridge, then had to do a massive detour...BUT it was well worth it because Ms. G's was fantastic.

The multi-level restaurant had a street-like appeal to it, with its neon lighting outside, sensible graffiti walls and rustic interior designs with ropes and such hanging off the walls. Crazy decor with awesome food~

Selection is presented on a sheet of paper in which you tick the box with a big crayon - can't even remember the last time I held a crayon!!

The street-like decorated wall, with your typical Cabramatta style cutlery set up; with each table adorning their own chilli and soy bottle. 

Ms. G's grilled corn cob, parmesan and lime ($4) and mini crispy pork belly banh mi ($6) 

For starters we had the beautiful miniature banh mi and juicy succulent corn cob, smothered in shredded parmesan cheese. The banh mi was so miniature and made to perfection! A layer of crispy pork belly smothered in pate, mayo and cucumber with pickled carrots and coriander on top~ Bit too exxy for something so miniature though as you can probably find a similar pork roll in Cabramatta x10 its size for cheaper. But nonetheless, it was very much enjoyed. I adored the corn cob! It tasted a bit like Mexican somehow and the flavours just danced itself around on my tongue. mmmmm so juiceyy~

Complimentary white wine 

Vietnamese curry of Wagyu beef shin served with baguette $25

I chose this as my main for the $33 lunch deal. Beautiful wagyu beef curry! It was so rich with flavour and the wagyu was ridiculously tender and matched perfectly with the soft, warm baguette. Would definitely recommend~  

Egg noodles with XO sauce, braised duck, soft poached egg $18

The incredibly moist noodles slathered in XO sauce with braised duck breast and topped with a soft poached egg. The combination of flavours were amazing! The shredded cucumber gave a crunchy texture to the whole, with the poached egg thickening the noodles - drools -

Our view from outside! Can't believe we drove all the way there; got lost in circles and finally managed to come here -

Blood orange granita, lime curd, streusel 

 This dessert was really refreshing; and crazy sour. Imagine eating sour warheads - the feeling felt the same as I had the lime curd. Cringed with my eyes squeezed shut. However it complimented well with the orange granita. Definitely for the sour fans~
Pandan chiffon cake with coconut sorbet 

Pandan chiffon cake on top of miniature tapioca pearls smothered in sweet coconut; topped with a coconut sorbet and a biscuit crumbs. Completely opposite to the blood orange granita as this was super sweet. The multitude of textures were crazy! Crunchy vs. soft vs. spongey vs. creamy - party in your mouth~

Ms G's offers a wide range of oriental dishes which targets the flavours close to home in its multi-story complex Would definitely come again to try more of the menu! :D 

On a more random note: I think I saw Dan Hong in the kitchen that day!! :D

Ms Gs
155 Victoria St, 
Potts Point, NSW 2011

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  1. I think most times I've dined here I've seen Dan in the kitchen, which is surprising seeing how busy he is!




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