The Baron, Castle Hill

I love reading about new places~ The Baron was something that I saw from Chocolate Suze's site, and the Blat looked so lovely that it couldn't be looked past~ so, it was the place to go when when we ventured to the far west. It's a quirky type of cafe/bar which seems to incorporate elements from different cafes and restaurants such as the big wooden table from Luxe, tiny chairs from Circa, wooden plates from District Dining. I love the quirkiness! The chairs were almost antique in their rustic feel with makeshift tables made from big wooden boxes.

We ordered pretty much everything that was available for the lunch menu~ :D

 Mum's homemade banana bread with ricotta and honey - $7.70

Yes please! Goodness of sweet banana bread with the oh-so sweet ricotta and honey toppings. We made this our makeshift dessert as there wasn't a big range there.

 Turkey, avocado, snow pea shoots, blueberry and maple sandwich - $8.50

So good! The blueberry and maple added a nice twist to the would be ordinary sandwich by making it sweet.

Ham, gruyere and sundried tomatoes - $8.50

Your average sandwich amplified by the goodness of the crusty, toasted sourdough bread.

 Char-grilled chicken, swiss cheese and basal mayonnaise - $8.50

Didn't expect much from a chicken sandwich - but wrong again! So good is the basal mayonnaise! Changes the typical chicken mayo sandwich to something more flavoursome and rich.

 Meatball baguette - $10.00

Meatballzzzzzzzzzz~~~ Tasted a bit like the ones you put in asian rolls. But still so goood!

Blat - bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado - $8.50

Blat!!! How good does that look?! It was a tough deal cutting the blat into perfectly portioned pieces to be shared, but it was accomplished! Crispy bacon strips, with super fresh, ripe avocadoes smothered with mayo on toasted sourdough sandwiched with lettuce and the freshness of tomatoes. If this doesn't illicit drools, I don't know what will...

 Ice coffee and ice mocha

 Vego wrap - avocado, tomato, beetroot, carrot, cucumber, persian fetta and mixed leaves with hummus - $11.00

Best veggie wrap I have had so far~ :D Everything just tasted so good together! You don't make friends with salad, you don't make friends with salad~ wooo

The Baron
Shop 461 Castle Towers Shopping Centre Old Castle Hill Rd
Castle Hill, NSW 2154

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