Circa Cafe, Parramatta

 When I get home after a day with the cumbo bunch, my belt always seems to be loosened one or two notches with my belly protruding a few inches from its norm. Utterly attractive. -cries- One of my more recent adventures with them permitted us to go the quirky Circa Cafe; a petite and closeted cafe in the heart of Parramatta. The cafe is attractive in its unique, inviting ways; with its friendly staff and its tiny wooden chairs and tables. Despite its small tables, small chairs, and small price tags attached; the food and service is huge~

 They have weekday menus and a weekend menu and daily specials up on the walls

 Caffeine hit to start the day: iced coffee, mocha, skim milk latte, coffee

 Chai milk tea bonsoy

 Smoked ham off the bone, cheese, vine ripened tomato and fresh basil sambo - $8 

 Our sandwich presented itself on a white plate cut in sliced neatly in half showcasing its gorgeous innards. The goodness of a ham, cheese and tomato sammich just intensified tenfolds with this baby.

 Special: roast lamb, cucumber, tomato, basil and lentil resole as a salad - $9

 This salad was super fresh and presented itself well. The lamb was a bit dry, but no matter - And I finally know what lentils are! They don't seem to have a particular taste - quite bland actually, but super nutritious.

 Smoked middle rash bacon and egg sandwich with house tomato relish - $7 

Bacon, bacon, bacon, eggs, bacon!!! Cheese! In between two beautifully soft buns.

 Roast rib eye beef, house pickle, caramelised onion, american mustard and mixed lettuce sambo - $9

Can't remember if this was beef or veal, the staff said something along those lines - not having beef so they'd replace it with veal - but I can't be too sure. Hmm..anyhow the pickles added a fierce tangy clash to the combo, allowing it to be more flavoursome.

 Portobello mushrooms, danish fetta, basil pesto, caramillised onion and baby spinach on sourdough toast - $8 

Thinly sliced mushrooms presents itself provocatively on the toasted sourdough bread garnished with baby spinach and topped with a miniature serving of a super soft fetta. More cheese please! Love the simplistic beauty of this. :D

Circa Cafe is great, with its rotating weekday and weekend menus. Unfortunately, it is closed on Mondays from the 20th of February - Bugger - In its petite location, and everything-under-10-bucks menu, it does well to attract. Will definitely come again~

Circa Cafe
21 Wentworth St,
Parramatta NSW 2150

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