Luxe Bakery, Newtown

HI! How long has it been since my last post?! One of my recent food adventures was to go back to Luxe Bakery with my trusty Cumbo peeps, of whom I can always rely on for a hearty food adventure~ And thus, we begin our gastronomical food journey (not really).

The plan was to visit Luxe, then wander our way to the Pie Tin of which I've read about sooo much on food bloggers and finally finish off with Black Star. Sadly, we only got to visit two of the fore mentioned - buuuut - no heartbreak! There's always a next time.

 Beautiful sammiches on display

 Assorted Pastries and Sweets

 Ice-coffee, ice-mocha, coconut water

 Drinks to start our early morning off. Our iced drinks were accompanied with a scoop of belgium icecream (of some sort) which we were meant to mix thoroughly. Although - I didn't and the waitress suggested an affogato for me instead - maybe I should have, heh. Ice-cream tasted a bit strange though - but nonetheless -

Our food came in a timely manner, in which the waitress smartly placed in the middle for us to rotate the dishes and share~

 House cured trout with hash, two poached egg and truffle oil - $16

I said I'd come back for this dish - and that I did~ Everything was as I remembered it, with an additional poached egg on the side. The oh-so-fatty hash complimented well with the goodness of trout drizzled in truffle oil and the beautiful poached eggs' and its golden trail of goodness which oozed out onto the toasted sourdough bread. Wasn't to keen on the greens though - you don't win friends with salad (8) much too bitter.

 Bruschetta with truss tomato, charred red onion and goats cheese - $16

Meet the best bruschetta you would have tasted in Newtown~ I heart cheese! And this goat cheese just melted in your mouth with its flavoursome taste. A coordinated taste of perfection.

 Fried corn cakes with chilli, cucumber, pickle and creme fraiche - $15

This was on the special on the day we went - it was quite nice, and juicy.  I say nay to the chilli, but yay to the pickles and cucumber on the sides. Complimented with the creme fraiched and drizzled with a bit of lemon - and so, satisfaction awaits.

 Wagyu panini- $9.50 

Apparently, you can't leave Luxe Bakery without trying one of their infamous paninis - which I had missed the previous time. And yes - you must try! Our panini came out toasted and cut in half, served with a few olives on the side. The beautifully shaved wagyu meshed sharply with the pickles and was incorporated well with the horseradish mayo.

Chicken panini - $9.50 

I actually can't remember much of this one...which is a shame. Just think - chicken with mayo. Nuttin' special.

Luxe Bakery is a wonderful place to enjoy your early brunching, with its small complex basking in natural light with an inviting selection of assorted paninis and pastries - and the super friendly staff a bonus. Would definitely go again.

195 Missenden Road,
Newtown NSW 2042 

Next stop - Black Star :D


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