District Dining, Surry Hills

District Dining is another of Warren Turnbull's great achievements following Assiette, earning itself a one chef hat status in the good food guide 2012. It finds itself a more casual dining atmosphere in which most of its food is served on a wooden board to share. The colourful wall decor at the entrance on closer inspection is actually a map of Surry Hills. Brilliant! It seats approximately 100 people in its cosy location.

 Something to snack on: Crisy school prawns, with lime mayonnaise - $16

Po guessed that we'd only get two prawns - one each..but whaduya know; there was a generous serving in the deep bowl of crispy, succulent prawns! Battered to the right degree~ I know one of my friends would absolutely cringe at the sight of eating the prawns, with the shells, but he'd have to try one of these to really make offense to it. Pluck the head off, dip a generous serving of lime mayo (mmm) and voila!

 Duck confit, sweet potato, pomegranate, ras el hanout - $28

Decisions! Decisions! The menu was filled of delicious meat - an assortment of dishes I love~ So it was really hard to come to one, however, a decision was made - and it was never regretted. The most perfect duck. So soft, so tender, so juicy. I love. Seasoned with the pomegranate sauce made it even more unusual with its acidic tang. The sweet potato was irresistably soft with sweet potato chips to crunch on. - demolished -

 250g Rangers Valley Sirloin, asparagus salsa, lemon, cherry tomatoes. - $34 

As per usual, Po doesn't deviate from his usual meat. This sirloin was amazing. Medium-rare with an incredible taste which left him devastated to clean his plate. Each piece was super tender and juicy, and when combined with the fat, an explosion of flavour ensues. The asparagus salsa was innovative providing a clean taste with the cherry tomatoes, which bursts in your mouth.

 Cookie sandwich, coconut and chocolate, honeycomb parfait - $14 

COOKIE SANDWICH!!!!! Doesn't that make you salivate with anticipation! So sweet - so agonisingly sweet. Cookie based interior sandwiched between two thick biscuits drenched with honey and honey comb pieces which tasted exactly like the insides of a crunchie bar. 

Passionfruit brulee, honey, madeleines - $14 

I love breaking the sugary topping which encases the goodness within. A swift crack and then your digging in a soft and smooth interior. The scent of passionfruit was strong, yet cleansing with its sour taste among the sweetness.

Will definitely come again to try more on the menu! Good service and great ambiance.

District Dining
17 Randle St Surry Hills, NSW 2010
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  1. i still havent been to district dining argh! the duck sounds amaaaazing

    1. haha omg~ it was the best :D you must go!!




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