Black Star Pastry, Newtown

And so, the journey through Newtown concluded with the sweets from Black Star Pastry. The petite store is quite hidden, with tables only fitting a maximum of 10 peeps. And yet - it is almost always bustling with people. As you enter, you are quickly invited by the aromatic scent of coffee and sugar with its petite wooden chairs and tables and an assortment of sweets. 

 Sooo many goodies!!!


 In our tummies: chocolate eclair ($5), blueberry lavender tart ($6), strawberry and watermelon cake with rose scented cream ($6.50), Cruella Deville's favourite macaron ($3.50) and Jaffa macaron ($3.50) 

 The beautiful chocolate eclairs

One of the wonders of Black Star Pastry includes the chocolate eclairs - incredible fluffy chocolate creme, wrapped in a perfectly done fluffy pastry smothered in a bitter chocolate glaze. The amazing taste of the eclairs takes its place as one of the top 10 things every Sydney food lovers should try~ I would definitely run back to Newtown for these dreamy babies.

Here we have Cruella Deville's favourite macaron on the left - do you guys see why? Speckled in black sesame seeds we have a macaron that resembles the most spotty-est of dalmatians. Incredibly sweet with its white chocolate filling mixing with clash of sesame, Cruella's favourite, not mine. Heh. On your right, we have the blueberry lavender tart (with the beautiful Melissa). I heart it!!! Thick crumbling pastry lines the incredibly soft custard innards topped with fresh blueberries.

Our ridiculously lovely violet and vanilla pannacotta. In our haste to get to the station on time, we forgot obvious cutlery, and thus, compromised our situation by using straws from the boost juices we bought earlier. Luckily, the pannacotta was super smooth and soft allowing it to be finished with much enthusiasm. Would definitely try this again~

How appealing does the strawberry and watermelon cake look? With its layers of almond dacquoise freshly whipped cream scented with rose and fresh watermelon pieces sprinkled with slivered pistachios, rose petals and cut grapes. And the other macaron had a mad coconutty taste - couldn't taste really taste the jaffa - ahhhk.

-food coma-

277 Australia Street
Newtown NSW 2042


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