Thainamic, Canley Vale


 A fairly recent addition to Canley Vale's extensive asian cuisines includes this cosy restaurant, ThaiNamic. I dined here tonight with my family, just for a little family bonding~

 It was as though we were in Thailand when we entered the restaurant being warmly greeted with the traditional 'sawadeekap' and the signature hands together in front of their chests. The restaurant deviates from your normal suburban Thai restaurant through the exotic fusion of cane chairs, with the additional body sized statues and dynamic red lights.


(Note: The two pictures below were photos taken during another time) 

Service was relatively fast with very friendly staff. The food came out within 10 minutes of ordering, definitely catering to our hungriness. :) 

Diggin in:

 Tom yum seafood soup ($14.90) - This dish was served in an oddly shaped donut bowl, heated with a candle underneath. Tom yum goodness.

 Devil crab ($14.90) - lightly battered soft shell crab served with stir fried vegetables on chilling jam sauce topped with roasted cashew nuts and garnished with crispy fried basil leaves. This dish was on the chef's recommended list - and it was fairly decent. The crabs were battered lightly and did not oooze oil when biting.

 Ox tongue ($7.90) - Can't go wrong with this delicacy! The ox tongue was soft and cooked to perfection. There was no need for consistent chewing as these babies were so soft and juicy.

  Papaya salad - Thai ($8.90) - This salad was shredded nicely, and flavoured accordingly for a slight tangy edge, yet not overpowering enough to disable the taste of its  neighbours. I love a good papaya salad!

  Prawn chips -  These were meant to be complimentary with the papaya salad, but they came out as the very first dish, so we thought they were like..Thai starters as opposed to the traditional bread and butter you get at other restaurants... ah well :D

AND Jasmine rice for the table! ($6.60)


 Durian icecream with sticky rice ($8.90) - The sticky rice with durian fusion had a ridiculously strong taste of durian. Warning: only fitted for durian lovers~ As I ate, my parents were reminiscing over the good old days when they had red bean icecream and stuff....ahhh :)

 Pandan Creme Brulee with green tea icecream ($8.90) - this fusion was beautiful. I will never get tired of cracking the sugary goodness that shelters the goodness within when diggin into this baby. The pandan added a soft tasting texture to the creme brulee - mum said it reminded her of eating congee LOL. oh mum...<3 and the green tea icecream went well with the mix (go dad!) I love a good creme brulee! And this was beautiful!

And thus, our dining session ended - with distended bellies full of content. Thainamic definitely puts the dynamic in its restaurant. :)

- Photos weren't that great as I had exactly 2 seconds to focus and snapshot these goodies before the parents' striking chopsticks comes to play. --- ah well :D

Thai Namic

Shop 4&5, 47-49 Canley Vale Rd
Canley Vale, NSW 2166


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