Baroque Bistro, The Rocks

I've been to Baroque on a variety of occasions, two of which celebrating the birthday of the other two girls~ 
Time-Turning myself back to November 2010...

When I first entered the magnificent Baroque restaurant, I was awed by the architect-designed dining room which demonstrated a regal, vintage appeal; and the open kitchen, which allowed me to watch the chefs work their magic. Also, the wide range of patisseries they had showcased at the front was also very appetising to the eyes. In addition to the amazing interior, Baroque offered spectacular views to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney’s Opera House! 

We were seated in a nice seat via the windows, which provided awesome lighting for the upcoming photos. Bread and olive oil, butter and salt were served first.

Here comes our food! After plentiful waiting:

  Steak, eschallot jus, frites. This plate of goodness belonged to yours truly. Can never go wrong with a healthy portion of steak. This was undoubtedly the most juiciest and softest steak I've had. mmm..the golden chips were fabulous as well. 

 Scallops, foie gras cream, paris mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke, ecshallot gastrique, crisp bread.This dish belonged to the birthday girl. The presentation was awesome~ 

 Confit shoulder of Bangalow sweet pork, harissa, green peas à la française. This dish was an interesting dish belonging to Thanhalang. I was totally loving the shaved pieces of stuff on top of the dish. 

 Tea smoke duck breast, mushroom, creamed corn, watercress, rye. And finally, this dish belonged to Lammie. mmmm

So after filling our stomach with the mains, we moved onto desserts! 

 Pompadour; Rasberry and passionfruit mousse covered with jelly and macarons served with pistachio ice-cream - This was amazingly presented! and tasted as good as it looked.

 Voltarie - Vanilla cheese cake wrapped in white chocolate served with pistachio ice cream. Cheesecake goodness.

 Zulu - Valrhona “Araguani” 72% chocolate mousse, “Araguani” ganache with salted caramel, chocolate biscuit base, finished with a mini chocolate macaron with Pistachio ice cream. If you ever wondered how a chocolate punch would feel, look no further as this will blow your mind - in this case your taste buds - rendering it chocolatified for a while. There were layers of scrumptious chocolate, differing in texture, blanketed with a powder of more chocolate...and to complete the chocolate story, there's a mini chocolate macaron on top.  Such a shame that I couldn't finish it.


Now, fast forward 6 months or so, we went again for Thanh's birthday, but during dinner time. Nothing changed, except maybe longer bread for the starters~ And our table had been romantically lit with a candle.

Diggin in!

 Tea smoke duck breast, mushroom, creamed corn, watercress, rye. Belonging to the birthday girl. Interesting dish! The duck was super savoury with an interesting form of burnt bread on top. Nonetheless, all the flavours meshed up to be awesome!

Confit shoulder of lamb, eggplant, snow peas, rosemary, lamb glaze. Guess who's? Lamb for Lammie. Not really a fan of lamb myself, but this dish was wonderful.

 Slow cooked wagyu brisket, pearl barley, broccoli, wasabi, almond butter. Minemineminemine! Wagyu beef was very soft and tender, and it did not lack anything substantial, in fact, it was made to perfection. The wasabi was an interesting mix to the dish, giving it the unique japanese aromatic taste~

 Grilled scallop, pine mushroom cream, roast parsnip, butternut pumpkin, beurre bosc pear. And finally, Lisa's! mmm seafood! 

It's funny how everyone got something similar to the previous time. How nostalgic...Anyway DESSERTS: 

 Mango mandarine mousse, jasmine, pine nut nougatine, almond sponge. minemineminemine + lammie~ Absolutely wonderful! It provided a nice sweet yet fresh taste. 

 Rhubarb and raspberry filled sponge cake and popping candy. The popping candy makes this dessert an instant winner! Who can deny the party happening in your mouth!!

 White peach and almond soufflé, peach sorbet, cats tongue. Cat's tongue?!?! LOL No fear, it's just a biscuit. - thanhalangs 

The restaurant on both occasions provided awesome service along with awesome food. Happy endings to happy eating

Baroque | Bistro  Bar Patisserie 
Located at 88 George Street (corner of Hickson Road) The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000


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