Teppanyaki by Kobe Jones, The Wharf

THIS IS HOW YOU TEPPANYAKII!! It was one of the girlfriend’s birthday not too long ago, so in celebration of this, we surrounded ourselves with culinary opulence at Wharf Teppanyaki by Kobe Jones~ 

Wharf Teppanyaki is apparently the newest and largest teppanyaki table in Australia. The interior was warm and cosy laced with the signature red of Japan. Despite our booking at 8.30pm, we still had to wait for our table, which wasn’t too bad as it allowed us to appreciate the restaurant’s interior design...and the waiters were pretty nice.  

Having never been to a Teppanyaki styled dinner, I was expecting enthusiastic chefs throwing freshly cooked food at you, whilst you nervously catch it, in hope that you don’t end up wearing it...but instead, we were graced with the presence of a totally cute chef showing his expertise by cooking in front of us, with live flames dancing everywhere~ So. Cool. And, no food was thrown at us~

 (Our Chef! Wonderful culinary skills, worked with such confidence!)

Anyway~ our Ultimate Teppanyaki Experience – a whopping 11-course menu – started soon after being seated. Here we go: 

1)      Flaming Number One special – Crab salad with avocado wrapped in Hiramasa kingfish and flamed on the teppan with a secret sauce - OMG this was absolutely wonderful. The picture doesn't do this dish any justice as all the goodness is seeping below. Richly textured, mouth-watering sensational bliss. Could probably eat 987947x of these munchies...or maybe it was the famished stomach talking..either way, this dish was spectacular! :D The creamy secret sauce was flamed to perfection, and the combination of flavours working in harmony made this a delight to eat. 

Preparing our next dish....

2)     Carpaccio scallop – Scallop sashimi sizzled with extra virgin olive oil and drizzled with wasabi pepper sauce - Voila~ Nutin' better than fresh scallops, drizzled with japan's signature wasabi paste..

Preparing for 3...


3)     Hot mushroom salad – Exotic selection of mushrooms sautéed in a garlic butter sauce with mixed leaves and pine nuts - mmmmmmmMmmm the leaves balanced out the savoury mushrooms doused in garlic butter...tasted a bit like XO sauce..ha! 

4)     Sashimi – A selection of salmon, kingfish and tuna - oh so fresh - oh so good.

Preparation for 5...

 (buuuuuuuuurnn!!! woooo!!)


5)      Balmain bug – Served with a selection of dipping sauces - Who'd ever thought bugs could look this yummy? And this certainly was...the chef split the servings into two even portions of garlic sauce and that rich, creamy sauce...since we couldn't decide which one we liked better (how awesome is he?!) Both of which were on the same level of awesome...although, I seem to have a preference for all things creamy. Nonetheless! It did not disappoint. The balmain bug tasted a bit like the offspring of a lobster and prawns, if they were to have one.

6)      Lemon vodka sorbet – Served between the seafood and beef to cleanse the palate. Best sorbet ever! I would love to have scoops, and scoops of these during the Summer.

Preparing for dish number 7...our chef was gone for a very long time...but he came back with goodies, so it was totally acceptable. 

7)      Tasmanian wilderness beef – 100% free-range and pasture-fed beef in both strip loin and tenderloin cuts. YUMMY!! Too bad Po wasn't here to try this. The meat was cooked medium-rare to perfection. By then, my tummy was starting to feel the strain of its predecessors. Nonetheless, my plate was clean by the end of it 

8)      Grilled market-fresh vegetables – A selection of asparagus, spinach and mushroom. I don't like greens!! But I found this acceptable...only the asparagus, boo too the spinach! and the mushroom tasted a bit funky...ah well.

(Not too sure what this dish is...but it was pretty strange. Felt like a mini explosion of fat, oil and grease as I chewed....I thought it would have been better with the crunchy rice with it...but no...I don't think anything can mask the taste of that. Very interesting dish - couldn't finish it though)

9)      Garlic Rice – Nishiki rice with garlic cooked on the teppan - fairly simple dish, but it tasted awesome nonetheless.

10)     Miso soup – Red and white miso soup; ????? where's our miso?!?!?! ah well, no real loss LOL 
Chef was gone for another lengthy period of time, but he came back with awesome looking crepes Preparation for the last dish....(food overload...)

11)  Crepe Suzette – A famous French dessert cooked on the teppan! Freshly made crepe flambé with Grand Marnier, served with accompanying glace and house-made sauces - famous or not, this dish didn't tickle my fancy. disappointed with the desserts twice in a row now, which is a shame...or maybe it was the full stomach talking. The crepe had this intangible tang to it....not sweet at all!


 The girls from highschool - 2nd from the left is the gorgeous birthday girl!

The afterparty, crashing at thanh's place to surprise the birthday girl with this awesome cake. I made sure her eyes were shut before she saw this. MADE BY THANHALANG! AWESOME!!! and so yummy too...makes a better dessert than the crepe - well done thanh!

All in all - the day was fabulous! Fabulous food, and wonderful people. Cool. 


Wharf Teppanyaki
21 Lime Street,  King Street Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000




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