Outback Steakhouse, North Strathfield

Outback Steakhouse is an Australian steakhouse restaurant with the goodness of juicy steak and succulent ribs with full flavour foods in all its dishes. I ventured here with Po to celebrate the awesome man turning 19, back in April. The interior reminded me strongly of the western outback shot way back in the 1950s with its wooden furniture and dim lighting...


Cheese chips ($13.95) - chips topped with Aussie Jack, Cheddar cheese, bits of fresh chopped bacon and served with a spicy ranch dressing. Oh dude...Any trip to Outback Steakhouse must include these mouth watering starters. The seductive cheese wrapped around the golden chips with promiscuous pieces of bacon spread all over...so good yet so fattening...uh huh, even Po is mesmerised by these - and yes, they're as big as they look...mammoth sized.

To even out the heavy mass of food, we opted for a healthy option:

The Big Caesar ($15.95) - A huge portion of Caesar Salad served with grilled seasoned chicken breast. Caesar salads are always good...like everything they serve...this came in a massive serving.

 Razorback Ribs ($38.95) - The ultimate! A full kg rack of pork ribs served with chips or mashed potato...in this case, mashed potato - this was massive too...The ribs were a bit dry...a far cry to the juicy succulent babyback ribs they used to have - its a shame they took these babies away:

 Not quite finished with the food, but I think we did fairly well for two petite people eating three massive servings...and I wanted dessert.....ha! Next time! :D The dining ended with minimal talking due to the distended tummies from food overload...and multiple mysterious texts I received that agitated Po...dun dun..(soon revealed) 

After the ridiculously filling dinner, we ushered home in an attempt to find solace for our busting tummies. Getting Po to leave was fraught with many difficulties, but nevertheless achieved with the help of an accomplice...and thus the makings of an ingenious plan had begun: 

SURPRISE!!! With the help of the others, I rounded up a few of Po's close mates to celebrate this lovely day with him too - - He suspected nothing! WIN! The mysterious recipient of my texts is fourth from the right, and the one who lured Po out, third from the left. :) 

And of course I couldn't come empty handed:

Vanilla cupcakes with cheese cream icing - made by yours truly, :) (with help from thanhalang) These were finished by the next morning.

All laughs and smiles with good food and good company. :D

Outback Steakhouse
Level 1, 3 George Street North Strathfield, NSW 2137 Australia 


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