Oscars & Chokolatta, Bankstown

 $15 ribs Monday. Yay for discounted ribs! Every Monday Oscars has a special $15 ribs day (usually ~$29), but only after 5.30pm...which is a bummer for me since I have work on Monday nights.. But, fortunately I had a free day, and ventured here with a mate for some of these lipsmacking goodies. 

The place was nice and roomy and had a cosy atmosphere to it. We sat ourselves on nice lounge couches next to the windows with immediate service. The food didn't take that long either...:D

Diggin' in!

 Pork ribs - the portions were of a fairly decent size considering the price tag attached. Nice, succulent ribs lathered in bbq sauce, grilled to perfection..mmm~ The chips were alright, golden and crunchy - they're hiding somewhere beneath that mammoth portion. The only negative about this dish is most probably the salad. Salad was terrible...If only they had Cooks Hills' salad with this dish...then it'd be an instant winner. Hands down. But nevertheless, it was satisfactory for the price paid. Wooo!

 Beef ribs - My friend had preferred the beef ribs over pork for the reason that there's more much more meat to bite off at once...mmm. That was understood when he easily tore the meat off all at once with one bite, happily munching - - - sharing is caring :D

After our filling dinner, we went to get some sweet stuff :)

 Hot chocolate for the friend - how cute is the cuddle me cup. Although...it did look mighty strange watching a grown man holding it..HA!

Banana split - this was hardly a banana split LOL, you actually had to rummage though the thick layers of cream, icecream, strawberries, chocolate, and nuts to find the finger sized banana hahaha - kinda felt jipped but nonetheless, it was very filling - still ---- maybe when bananas are up and growing.. :)

No need to venture far for nice ribs - $15 Monday ribs offers you tasty ribs at a discounted price :D

Oscars Grill
102 Bankstown City Plaza Bankstown, NSW 2200

West Terrace, Bankstown, 2200


  1. Hey its Mark Phan, just wanna tell u that i was googling food and ur blog came up on the first search page lmao. Keep it up




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