Wasabi Bistro, Surry Hills

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This blog is dedicated to my profound love of food and to the dragon warrior who urged me, with conviction to make this blog. Actually, I've been somewhat bribed to be taken to awesome places if I share my experiences LOL...and succumbed to reason of why I take pictures of glorious food...if I'm not going to do anything with it~

So! Let this post be the first of many!

(Warning: I have an aptitude of being ridiculously verbose) :p


One of my more recent endeavours include going to this little Japanese restuarant located in the heart of Surry Hills called Wasabi Bistro, in which Po bought vouchers from JumpOnIt to celebrate good times. The area was bustling with people, and provided such a nice atmosphere~

Finding the restaurant wasn't particularly hard, but being relatively novice in this area we had to circle the place a few times to find parking...which conveniently, was underneath the complex. Nonetheless, we got there in all good timing.

This was the entrance to the place, in which Po likened to a sauna room...ha! Pretty cool.


The vouchers offered a seven course Japanese banquet for two @ only $59! Normally at $157. Yay for discounts! Upon reading a wide range of reviews on Urbanspoon, and Eatability, I wasn’t sure what to think, and came in without any expectations. We were seated immediately with smiles all around and were placed in a distant corner next to the glass windows, away from scurrying waiters and waitresses weaving in and out of the place. 

The set menu offered your choice of wine or sake, but since my tolerance of alcohol has become exceedingly low due to unfortunate events and Po was designated driver, we opted for a non-alcoholic beverage which they happily catered to. After sorting out our menu and drinks, we waited and became increasingly famished. I couldn't help but notice the wooden chopsticks in which you break in half resting upon a japanese styled plate...it looked severely out of place and made me wonder...why........... why not fancy chopsticks to go with the fancy plates....ooh well, the interior looked pretty cosy too..which was a win as it provided a comforting atmosphere.

No sooner than 10 minutes, we received our first dish to share, and so, our banquet began: 



 Tuna Tartar - This dish was graced with mouth-watering pleasure. It offered a sensational mix of potato, avocado, tuna and caviar eggs, which just exploded as you munched!

 Fried Gyoza - The second dish came out shortly after the first dish. It wasn't as great as I hoped it to be...in fact, it tasted more like a Chinese dish than anything remotely Jap...

 Salmon Tataki -These bite sized portioned vanished within a minute of its arrival~ 

Assorted Tempura - To say I was disappointed with this dish would be a gross understatement. Although the tempura prawns were battered delicately, and made nicely, the remaining two I picked up progressed superlatively worse...The sweet potato didn't really go with the batter as well as the prawn, and the last piece was a cucumber in batter - a big no! Tasted somewhat like eating slimey oil. Would have been better served fresh...

 Grilled Salmon Roll - This was done beautifully! And totally made up for the previous meal. It provided an assortment of textures combining to be bliss~ and it was also served with the signature ginger and wasabi.

 Miso soup - Nutin' special...Not a fan of miso soup - there's something unique about the way it is made, to make me believe I'm drinking water with insoluble flavouring~ 


 Wagyu Steak - Po being Po, opted for the meaty serving of Wagyu Steak. It was cooked delicately and was enjoyable :) Very tender and juicey..

 Grilled Salmon - This dish was good~ the salmon was grilled thoroughly and cooked to perfection. By then, we both were feeling the strains of our stomachs... only dessert to look forward too~


 Black sesame and green tea icecream - everyone should know that the dessert completes every meal! So I was quite disappointed to be given such a feeble attempt of what supposed to be black sesame and green tea.  The icecream was incredibly icy, and flakey, which made it resemble a slushie more than a smooth cream... My black sesame one had more resemblance to coffee icecream than black sesame... the black sprinkles of sesame on top of the cream can only add that little bit of flavoring..and both were melting at ridiculous speeds. AND we never got our green tea, but by that time, it was nearing closing, oh well..

Being few of the last to leave. All in all, the experience was good. I was happy with the service they provided, as the staff were very friendly and efficient. Food was good~ 

Good stuff!

Wasabi Bistro

Located at 417-431 Bourke St, SURRY HILLS, NSW 2010


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