El-Loco, Surry Hills

Hi! Haven't blogged in so long, so thought I'd kick start to my blog again with some spanking awesome El-Loco to tease you with. My first rendition with El-Loco was some few months ago, after going to some fruitless sale - in which I discovered the delight of one of the best Mexicans to be discovered in the heart of Surry Hills. I've had an ongoing flavourlicious affair with it ever since.

I found that going on a Thursday night will drown you senselessly into the jazzy music, the drunkards and the foodies. The restaurant was jammed packed with people and it was near impossible to find a seat. The buzz will set you in a mood as though it were Friday with people inches from the other. Definitely a festive atmosphere; but if you want a chilled night out, I found that going on a Tuesday night will do you well.

Excelsior Hot dog - $9 

My favourite hot dog of all time comes in the form of this grilled pork Frankfurt wrapped in a soft bun with pickled jalepenos, pico ge gallo, mayonnaise and cheese. The favours are so vivid they seem to dance around as you chew. Love the soft, stringy mass of cheese generously smothering the hot dog~

Al Pastor Pork Torta Sandwich - $10 

This burger has earned its way to my heart by being so good. It comes in the form of grilled diced marinated pork from the spit served on a soft bun with cabbage, corriander, spring onion, mayonnaise and pico de gallo salsa. I like how there's a generous serving of meat on the bun - meat which is succulent and soft at the same time.

Corn chips with guacamole and salsa - $5 

Crunchy chips dipped with guaccomole and salsa screams mexican from afar. Perfect for snacking.

All Tacos - $5

I'm pretty sure I've tried all the tacos to date, can't really remember the names but they have a variety ranging from beef, roasted pork, tofu, chicken and the secret taco all at $5 each. I enjoyed all the tacos except the special taco we ordered. It came in the form of a chicken heart, or liver................... hmmm but the menu changes daily! So have no fear and embrace the surprise! :D

Minute steak, shaved radish, cabbage and coriander salad, served with pico de gallo salsa - $15 

The friend that was still hungry ordered the minute 180g scotch fillet steak. The steak was cooked beautifully being juicy and soft; and a bit on the rare side. The flavours meshed well with each other with the salad being light and refreshing. Pretty good for $15.

Churros with orange caramel sauce <$10

This was taken on another one of my visits. I found that they had churros on their menu for dessert and opted to try them. They came out HUGE! I'm talking churros on steroids! I've only ever had churros at San Churro and they were skinny! So these came as a surprise. Their mammoth disguise did nothing to mask its enormous taste. The churros were perfect. By perfect I mean, seriously fluffy on the inside, delicately fried to perfection, so it wasn't oozing oil and was coated with sugar. It's dip made it quite heavy, but the orange did well to balance the flavours out. I want more!

The crazy colours, festive ornaments and paint splattered wall

Hello there........... .... I guess he decided to bomb my photo. haha!

I found El-Loco a down to earth restaurant delivering authentic and cheap Mexican eats. The restaurant is connected to a bar, so you can definitely go for a few drinks too. The ambiance is great and they're opened pretty late. Perfect to satisfy some midnight cravings. Will definitely re-visit! If only they had an El-Loco closer to home..........

El Loco 
64 Foveaux Street 
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Opening hours: 
Monday & Tuesday 12pm until late
Wednesday 12pm-1am
Thursday  - Saturday 12pm – 3am
Sunday 12pm -10pm

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