Jazushi, Surry Hills

There are so many good restaurants in Surry Hills, one of which being Jazushi~ I came to Jazushi a few months ago to celebrate a friend's 21st. Jazushi presents as a petite yet cosy Japanese restaurant. It differs from other modern Japanese restaurants due to its live jazz crew to enchant your evening. For the event, we were seated in the private function room on a big square table which could seat a bit more than 20. The food came out on a platter shared between 3-4 people. 


Salmon and Kingfish Carpaccio

Our entree was a simple yet intriguing piece to get us started into the big feast ahead. The thinly sliced sashimi pieces were drizzled with a light vinaigrette. Nothing too fancy.

Green Tea Noodle Salad

I loved this dish! It was insanely refreshing and not the slightest big heavy. There were a multitude of flavours and textures in the noodle dish as well - no boring party in your mouth with this one.

Grilled Silver Cod

Tiny yet surprisingly fulfilling. The sauce gave it a strong taste. 

Camembert Tempura

DEEP FRIED CHEESE! Oh cheese, how I love thee!! The cheese so beautiful, so delicate, so warm...melts in your mouth. The dip gives it that extra burst of flavour. At first I was thinking, how good can deep fried cheese be...Come on. But dat cheese...


Your standard sushi! with ginger. Californian roll with kingfish and salmon nigiri. 


Not sure what JFC stands for, but for some reason, I was thinking about KFC. They're both chicken dishes, but this one doesn't have the all famous spices. The white sauce to this was thick and flavoursome. I could taste a bit of egg and a whole lot of other things. It was the perfect combination to the chicken, but too much could potentially set you off it.

Kakuni Kurobuta Pork Belly

When I reached this dish, I was feeling the strain of my belt with my dress. This dish wasn't as good as I hoped it to be. It tasted pretty ordinary, really heavy and fatty, but it wasn't that bad. Maybe it was the fullness talking. Hmm.. if anyone has had their mum marinate pork belly with eggs in a hot pot before, it will taste exactly like that. (I positively love my mum's cooking btw)

Complimentary drink - lemon lime bitters

Wagyu sirloin steak

Tiny pieces of wagyu sirloin steak, with baby corn and broccoli. I found the steak pieces a bit dry. But nonetheless; it was completed. Food coma.

Vanilla creme brulee

No amount of food can stop me from having desserts. Vanilla creme crulee! My fave. I've expressed the amount of love I have for these babies in a fair few of my posts. The satisfying crunch when breaking through the burnt sugary layer to dive into the creamy rich custard innards. Yum!

The experience I had at Jazushi was awesome. The service was impeccable; we had our green tea refilled every time it was empty and we also had a pretty quirky waiter at our service. The ambiance is refreshing to have a live jazz band play for you. The set menu came to $60 per person, and the food was enough to make me content (belly bursting, to be honest). Would definitely go there again!

145 Devonshire St
Surry Hills NSW 2010

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  1. mmm i havent been to jazushi in ages but zomg the fried cheese yum




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