Twelve Spices, Canley Heights

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope everyone had a good one! Can't believe its 2012 already...time flies by too quickly. And before you know it, we'll all be old and wrinkly soon. I was meant to post this ages ago, but there seems to be no free slot within the day anymore...

In any case, this post is about Twelve Spices in Canley Heights. Battling with nearby Thai/Laos competitors, Twelve Spices does well to attract its customers. It lists an extensive menu with scrumptious pictures that allows our stomach to rumble in anticipation, offering authentic Thai food without the ridiculous price tag. The restaurant maintains a great ambiance with its young staff and is furnished with all things wooden. 

Let the feast begin~

 Tom-yum - classic Thai spicy soup with roasted chilli jam, fragrant lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaves with prawns - $14.90

This dish came out first, but was the last to finish...why? Because the first time we counted the prawns, there were three in that miniature bowl, but at the end of the dinner, somehow it multiplied and another two popped up~ that way, everyone had a prawn, without the necessity of fighting/sharing it. HA! Too polite!! Just eat it~

 Pa Nang curry with chicken. $10.90

Curry!!!!! I love thai currys~ They're all so peanutty, and makes me relinquish the old primary school days when my mum used to make me peanut butter sandwiches.

 Jasmine rice 

The pot is so groovy; reminds me a bit of Aladdin's genie bottle in the movie.

 Curry puff - puff pastry filled with mixed vegetables, served with homemade sweet chilli sauce. $8.80 

Our entree came in the middle of our feast. But nonetheless it was demolished as quickly as it came.

 Duck salad - boneless duck with green apple and green mango salad - $12.90 

 I seem to be loving duck in my food nowadays, so this dish to me was delish. The crunchy mango and apple provided and intangible tang to the savoury duck.

 Ox tongue - grilled marinated ox tongue served with Nam Jim. $8.80

A Thai delicacy and always on the list to order if presented on the menu. Did not fail. Although, the pieces were a bit cold, but that's probably due to the time that we went (nearing closing time).

Thai Milk Tea - $4.00 

Milk tea like never before~ Really interesting taste...I can't describe it. Just something you have to try. Eating all these food makes me really want to go to Thailand to taste some authentic thai for 1/10 the price! OMGA~~~ One day..

Overall the experience wasn't too bad, food order came out pretty funny, but nonetheless staff were kind and ambiance was great. Would definitely go again to try the specials they offer like their crispy chilli basil crocodile o0o0oo...wonder how that would taste.

Cheers~ Have a fabulous new year everyone! 

Twelve Spices
197 St Johns Rd Canley Heights

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