Merry Christmas; 2011~

Hey y'all - hope you all had a great Christmas~ Although this post is belated, the spirit within still remains :) Here are some of the tasty treats the MRS girls/boy and I cooked up for our Christmas feast; it took mighty long hours, but the end result was well worth it:

 Green profiteroles with custard fillings 

Now there is a story behind making these scrumptious things; which involves mega fails and a supermum to fix up. Awww, yay for Mel's supermum!

 Garlic bread vs cheesy cheesy garlic bread mmm 

 Creamy mashed up potato 

It doesn't look all that creamy but that's because I was impatient, so this is its appearance midway.

 Mixed salad

You don't make friends with salad (8)

 Ridiculously delicious roasted ham drenched in homemade plum sauce and assorted vegetables 
I witnessed this being baked, rebaked, and then baked to perfection. Good job guys! The end result was ah-mazing.

 Crackling pork belly baked to perfection 

Coupled with apple sauce and you're in pork belly heaven.

 Neil Perry's homemade lasagne

We didn't have a lasagne baking dish, but the loaf pan worked beautifully! The recipe can be found here. The only changes I made was the addition of mushrooms to the meat sauce, and additional simmering time. Other than that, everything worked well mmm :D

 Dinner is served
Doesn't this look so fabulously Christmassy?! :D

Our profiterole christmas tree~ :D drenched in homemade caramel sauce

And with that, our Christmas feast was a success :) Also! Another great thing about Christmas is the gift giving! :D My KK got me push up cake pops which I found a really fun novelty factor. I got the chance to use it for my oz-tag group dinner: 

 Berry trifle in push up pop form!

 Thanks Cecilia! <3

Oz tag team - Just Tag It!  

Cheers everyone! Have a merry new year~~ 


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