Cafe Sydney, Circular Quay

It's been too long since my last post!!! Life's been crazy busy in the last month, but finally have the time to sit down to share my food experiences~ So, last week called for a special day out of eating and more eating as it celebrated the one year milestone between Po and I (coz that's what we do best together).

There was a restaurant that Po had been raving mad to go to called Cafe Sydney. I casually thought it was just a restaurant by the harbour side, you know, the simple, but elegant cafes everyone seems to walk past in the city? But I was severely mistaken, and thus, my non-expectant of the great restaurant had made it one of the most delightful experiences ever.

Cafe Sydney is located on the upper most level of Sydney's Custom's house. Upon entering, it'll feel like you've been transported into another reality. We had views to Sydney's most iconic landmarks and basked in our city's most sought out places. Everything was great, despite the gloomy weather. Service was impeccable. And the food was delightful.

So here we go:

 Left: T2 Rose - $11 Right: Mojito - $19

Drinks to start us off, whilst waiting.

Another thing Po was raving about, was the Mojito - a blend of fresh mint, lime and sugar stirred down with Bacardi Superior white rum served over crushed ice and spritzed with soda. He raved about it for good reason. The drink was immensely refreshing and provided a fresh taste of Summer in this fake Summer we're having ATM. The alcoholic taste was slight, but still very distinguished amongst the tackling taste of mint. This drink seemed to come out to every second table whilst we were seated and eating. Mojito here; Mojito there; Mojito everywhere.

I had the T2 rose, I tried finding it on the drinks menu online, but it could not be sighted. Probably a new addition? Nonetheless, the drink was also ridiculously refreshing with the soft taste of rose and guava nectar.

 Appetisers: seared scallops, prosciutto, peas, quinoa, horseradish creme fraiche, lemon vinaigrette - $27

Whoa! Say hello to the most beautiful scallops I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. I think I'm loving all things seared. The scallops were so amazingly done, that I was so devastated to find only three on the plate. The lemon vinaigrette complimented the dish well with its zesty tang. The peas neutralised the taste of everything, and the prosciutto mmm, the prosciutto...gave the dish a savoury taste amongst the clash of flavours.

 Main 1: Peppered beef tenderloin, swiss brown mushroom, porcini cream, jus - $39

Talk about the best steak ever. So juicy, and succulent this baby was. And so easy to knife as well. Each bite oozed flavour and characteristics of quality meat. And the best part: mine, all mine.

 Main 2: Cone Bay barramundi, Moreton Bay bug filled zucchini flower, squid, fennel, broad breams, lemon butter - $39

Another thing people recommend when going Cafe Sydney is the Barramundi, and for good reason! The fish is cooked to perfection. Not in the slightest bit dry, also the serving of the fish is larger than most. Succulent and juicy. Just like the steak. The lemon butter blended out the would be greasiness of plain butter, and the mixture of vegetable made this dish a light one. I was loving the green stick and its occupants. Yum!

 Sides: Chips - $8

Every good steak must be portioned with good chips. Yeah fried chips. WITH SEA SALT! Not them table salt. 

And finally dessert. We got the dessert platter ($45), which consisted of four of their main desserts on one single plate. 

 Baked blood orange custard, poached fruit, cinnamon grissini

Not the best dessert on the platter. The only one we didn't finish.

 Baked cheesecake, glazed pineapple, coconut crisp, with pineapple sorbet 

 Definitely recommend this dessert. The cheesecake was incredible light and tasty whereas the pineapple sorbet provided an interesting taste. Little bit sour with sweet. Needless to say, this dish was finished immediately.

 Dark chocolate terrine, strawberry sorbet

 The dark chocolate was incredibly rich, in comparison to the ridiculously sour glazed strawberries. I guess the juxtaposition of flavours is needed when making something so strong. Neeext.


Hi stranger - how did you get here? This ain't the warm rhubarb tart...with pistachio crumble, and fresh raspberry ripple ice...maybe I should have listened when the waiter was explaining the dishes. Guess I was too mesmorised with the desserts to even care. This was good though. Chocolately, with a nutty edge.

All in all, the lunch was fab. Plates were removed after each meal, and replaced with new plates and cutlery. Also, tables which presented with water marks were immediately cleaned. I would definitely go again, without an occasion to try all their food. Yeeeeeee!

Next stop: Assiette for dinner~

Cafe Sydney
Level 5 Customs House
31 Alfred Street Sydney

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