The Healthy Chef, Avalon Beach

Just enjoying my lazy Sunday with food posts to keep me occupied before work. I went to Palm Beach on a double date early this month as a spur of the moment thing. We woke up at 2.30 in the morning to get ready to see the sunrise at Palm Beach. Why Palm Beach? I don't really know, but the sunrise was beautiful~~~~

Ain't that lovely? Quite romantic seeing the sun rise coupled with the tranquility of a peaceful beach. Gentle waves, sun peeking the colours too; it's so warm. So we woke up at 2.30am, and waited till 5.30 to see this, but it was well worth it. Not something I'd do religiously though, maybe when I'm, with a beach house...

This is probably one of my favourite photos that morning, because it reminds me of Naruto. I'm sure we all know Naruto, or heard of it at least; if not, AIUESEIUGHSEUGH get yourself acquainted! Then those of you that do, would totally know 'RASENGAAAN' Yeah? Yeah.

Anyway, after napping on the beach to wait for shops to open at around 9am, we decided that it was time for breakfast. So after traveling around a bit around the area, we hit the local dining destination located by Avalon Beach and tried our luck there by finding the busiest cafe/restaurant there, because busy is always better. Ta da - welcome to The Healthy Chef; a little cafe bustling with people.

The menu was dominated by organic, gluten free items jammed packed with antioxidants and protein. I knew exactly what to order when I saw poached eggs being dissected by a customer.

 Fresh juice - Fruity: watermelon + apples + oranges + pineapple $7.50 

Nothing extraordinary, I could probably go to Cabramatta and get a mixed fruit drink for half the price. But yes, it was really refreshing, but sour.

 Cappucinno $4

Caffeine for Po; cause he can't seem to live without it. I wonder how they make the perfect heart shape on the coffee. Maybe I should invest in a course to become a barista just so I know how....

The Hubby Special - Soft poached organic eggs on tomato, avocado, toasted sourdough, persian feta, finished off with a drizzle of lemon infused parsley and mint salsa verae $17.50

I LOVE POACHED EGGS! The way the golden liquid drips achingly over juicy tomato and generous serving of avocado; portioned with a good serving of toasted sourdough. It may not look like much, but this fills your tummy up really well. And the persian feta added a nice touch to the whole meal. Yum! Cheese!!! Hmm...a negative about this dish is probably the sourdough; my jaws hurt after chewing it.

 The big power brekkie - scrambled organic eggs, home made baked beans, roasted tomato and mushroom + lean bacon + sourdough $19.50

According to Po, this wasn't that great, there were too many baked beans, and everything else was just average. Eggs were barely seasoned too. Note to self - don't let Po eat baked beans; otherwise disastrous consequences will ensue...

The Healthy Chef was okay. It's a bit exxy for what you get, but nonetheless, it was filling and super healthy. Which is a bonus, I guess. A nice place to eat at if you're in the area, but otherwise, I wouldn't venture that far just to eat it.

 After 15 hours of being out, he konks out as soon as he sits down. Awwwwwww~

Mum's yummy bun rieu! Nothing beats my mum's homemade bun rieu. :) Nothing~

The Healthy Chef 
17 Avalon Pde Avalon Beach NSW 2107 


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