Vaz Takeaway, Mt Pritchard

Oh my gawd. It's October, the almighty food month, but I haven't had free time to post up my latest conquests. Don't you just wonder where all your time goes? It's amazing how fast time can fly, especially when there are deadlines to be met and all other obstacles obstruct your way, leaving you with very little.

Anyway!! Vaz Takeaway is this tiny shop only capable of fitting a max of 12 people located in Mt Pritchard, and would have been easily missed. Now how did this seemingly small shop become so known? Because of this:

 The Almighty Ark Burger - $15.00

Eating this was like having an Epic Meal Time experience......

I only joke, it wasn't that extreme. It was like 3 big burgers stacked as one, and as big as a BBQ skewer. You had, bacon strips, bacon strips, bacon strips, eggs, beef, chicken, lettuce, mayo, butter, cheese, beetroot, tomato, beef, onion, BBQ sauce, more eggs. 

The combination of burgers was decent, however there were too much in one bite to work with. There wasn't anything amazing about the burger, except the fact that it's an extraordinarily large burger! But it's worth a try, if you're game. Everything was cooked well, and stacked accordingly, however, the wait for each burger was quite long ~10-15 minutes each. So we couldn't eat at the same time, without one of the burgers getting cold.

I ended up sharing the burger with Po instead, because it was too epic for miniature me. Although, There were some brave hearts attempting to eat the whole burger at once:

 He demolished the thing - epic meal style! No table etiquette were seen here whilst tackling this baby.

 WOW - In all it's glory...


Finito - so many tissues were used....

Definitely a place to go if you want to tackle a bad ass burger and show off to your friends. :D 

Vaz Takeaway 
7/33 Hamel Road
Mt Pritchard NSW 2170


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