Night Noodle Markets, Hyde Park & Sugar Hit, Shangri La Hotel

Hey~ So I decided to procrastinate and update my blog instead of studying for upcoming exams...will probably face palm myself in the near future though.. Anyway, Night Noodle Markets was one of the almighty food festival attraction that I went to along with Shangri La Hotel for the 2011 Sugar Hit. 

Night Noodle Markets is one of the biggest highlights of the Food Festival as it celebrates Australia's diverse cultures and food with its multiple stalls and bars at the transformed Hyde Park. Making our way to the city always seemed to be filled with tragic encounters and epic fails. But nonetheless, we made it there without MAJOR damage...

There were more tables this year than last year, so people didn't have to sit on the grass (i.e. me last year). We got there pretty late so the lines were shorter however some of the more popular stores, like Long grain were closed. Ah well, anyway, to the food:

Dumplings 6 for $10

Pretty expensive for your average dumplings. But we were hungry so might as well... not worth your money though.

Mango and sticky rice $12 - Chat Time

This was beautiful! The mangoes were so sweet and fresh and tasted like Summer around the corner! And the coconut sticky rice had just the amount of sweetness as to not overpower the mango, but leave a sweet sensation on the palate. 

Fish balls $3 per stick 

These were nicely done. They weren't overly thick with batter and were easy to eat, although, it might have been drenched with sweet chilli sauce.

Din Tai Fungs Dumplings $6 for 4

If you want good dumplings, I suggest you go here. The dumplings are made with some sort of gelatinous substance, in which when you steam, turns into soup. So when you eat it, it's super juicy and the soup bursts in your mouth! How innovative! I like. 

We couldn't stay at the Night Noodle Markets for long, because we had to journey our way through the city for the Shangri La Sugar Hit. Walking felt good after eating all the food. However, it all became a bit too much when there were hills to trek and so forth...minutes felt like hours. My lil bro, went by car to get changed because of the dress code at the restaurant...notbecausehewastoolazytowalktoShangriLa-atall. *cough 

We were seated in the lobby lounge of the hotel. It provided a warm ambiance and coziness as everyone was seated in big lounge chairs with relatively dim lighting.

Our 2011 Sugar Hit plate! $20. 

 Brown Brothers Sienna
The dessert wine complimented the desserts very well as it was very sweet and did not have a very strong alcoholic taste to it.

Layered cake. 

Soft layers of sponge soaked in kahlua coated with chocolate with a hint of hazelnut. The cake was very soft, and wasn't very rich.

Chocolate macaron. 

This macaron was ridiculous hard. And chewy. Not so great..NEXT.

Petite chocolate and cherry tart. 

The pastry was nice and soft with the gooey chocolate, and the cherry provided a nice fruity tang to the whole.

Textured cake. 

The cake had an alcoholic fusion intermingled in it; with a nice crispy base. I loved the base as it was flaky but super crisp at the same time.

Pistachio slice. 

There was a soft pistachio sponge base layered with sweet white chocolate topping of some sort. The taste of pistachio was very distinct amongst, however the overall combination was very light and fluffy. Probably my favourite one.

Assorted plate once more

Chocolate mousse thing.


This dessert was pretty fun, cause it had a novelty factor, as if I was in chemistry again, injecting a strange liquid into the subject. The liquid was light and fruity and places a subtle tang to the sweet chocolate mousse/sponge combo. 

The overall experience was pretty decent; you get your money's worth by getting 6 mini desserts and a glass of wine for $20. 

Oh just food for thought; by a friend, 'How do oysters mate?' and 'If it were possible to transfer your own fat to other parts of the body, by rolling the fat over'. Cutie.

Night Noodle Markets 
Hyde Park North

Shangri-La Lobby Lounge 
176 Cumberland St, Sydney, NSW 2000
Sugar hit --> from 9pm. 



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